Issue 04

The Personality Issue

Dr.Courtin-Clarins is on the cover of FAJO's issue this month. Photo: courtesy of Clarins. Graphic design: Kalynn Friesen, FAJO Magazine.

Letter from the Editor

The Personality Issue has arrived!

I have very few things to share this month, because I urge you to take a look at some of the articles in this issue. All individuals featured are truly exceptional, and their work has inspired our team to push our boundaries for many more months to come.

With the fashion week season wrapping up at the end of October, I do have one industry-related note I wanted to make. It’s quite simple and it’s more of a request than a statement: please support your local fashion designers.

Our editorial photoshoot this month may serve as a great convincing factor: I know my team was in love with the clothes, and I think you will agree when you see the pictures.

Enjoy this issue and our Exclusive with the beauty industry genius, Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins!

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