Runway report: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, spring/summer 2013, part III

October 18, 2012

Report by Aleyah Solomon

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York has wrapped up, and FAJO concludes its coverage in this final runway installment. We present to our readers some of the best shows at the event this season.

The spring/summer 2013 collections were colourful and experimental. Take a look at some more of our top picks.

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Bibhu Mohapatra

Form-fitting futuristic shapes came down the runway at Bibhu Mohapatra, with kaleidoscope-looking prints – geometric, mirror images in rich tones. Intricate designs with symmetrical prints and colour blocking were popular – for example, the blue, grey and black dress used lines to exaggerate a small frame with an edgy futuristic style. Complementing the detailed designs, hair was parted down the middle in a low-braided bun with a vibrant eye. With a strong focus on the line and shapes, there was an architectural design to each piece.

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Katya Leonovich

Strong tones and mixed textures took to the runway in Katya Leonovich’s spring/summer 2013 collection. A combination of soft and hard contrasted in flowy, feminine shapes, with characteristics of nature – tone, colour, shape and movement-wise – Leonovich’s collection reminded of the natural elements.

The teal gown with vertical pleats created a visual flow resembling the movement of water in the shape and texture of fabric.

Structured pieces, such as metallic corsets, paired with a loose and flowy bottom, evoked the image of silver armour, portraying the image of a strong woman. With a twisted bun on top of each model’s head, a splash of colour on the eyes and minimal accessorizing, Leonovich created an overall feel of a natural, powerful but feminine woman.

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Vivienne Tam

Constructionist lines continued to be seen in Vivienne Tam’s collection as well. Hexagon shapes, metallics and cutouts were paired with black lines. Tam’s beige hexagonal wrap dress with the gold belt was interesting in fabric and classic in shape.

Mixing fabrics, layering sheer pieces, adding depth with shapes and print; this collection was cohesive and architectural. The shapes and lines in the green, mauve, cream and black dress resembled the architectural shape of buildings.

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Bold and bright colours, embellishments of feathers and beads, and classic shapes, would describe Venexiana’s latest collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this season. As each gown appeared on the runway, Hollywood glamour was easily evoked, with each garment standing out on its own – these were pieces for the women who want to be noticed.

Rich colours, like the royal blue textured print with a silver belt, stood out in both beauty and boldness.

A full patterned skirt with layered ruffles at the bodice was played up by the model, when she stopped and swirled it around for the photographers.

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Zang Toi

Leading up to the show, classic French music was playing in the background. The lights went up and “Oh la la la, c’est magnifique!” were the words to the show of Zang Toi. Setting the tone with glamourous music, Toi created his collection with a certain French flair. With a focus on classic pieces with lace and ruffle embellishments, his collection was a mix of beautiful gowns and masculine suits for the women, and classic, dapper suits for the men.

With plenty of vintage shapes, and the high-rise trousers of the 70s, the women appeared to be both sexy and strong. Toi mixed modern and vintage to create an elegant, Parisian-inspired collection of casual and formal looks.

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Carlos Miele

Flowy chiffon dresses gracefully floated down the runway of Carlos Miele in bold colours. Mixing animal prints provided a defined contrast of texture, and with black-and-white as the base to each garment, Miele added details of embellishment to excite his looks. Hair was kept sleek and straight, with a natural face and red lips.

Miele’s mixture of animal print and colour in the tribal gown with shoulder beading was sophisticated, with the chiffon fabric adding a graceful flow.

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Joanna Mastroianni

Texture adds dimension to each look and Joanna Mastroianni really focused on this in her latest line. From her photographic floral prints to the way she positions her fabric, this line took on a modern futuristic approach. Bold colours of green, yellow and pink were being accentuated with black.

With a knotted bun on the head, bold colour on the eye and berry lips, the emphasis remained on the texture and the geometric shapes of each piece. The little white shirt-dress, with its popped collar and natural paper-like texture, added a new twist to a classic design. Continuing into the next season, mixing of fabric was also seen in her edgy and feminine leather and floral sublimation gown.

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