Montréal Fashion Week, spring/summer 2013, part II

October 26, 2012

By Valeria Safonova

Photography by Anna Smirnova

As the fashion week progresses, here is our full report and highlights from days two and three.

A model walks down the runway in a piece from Unttld.

Denis Gagnon

One of the most anticipated shows of the Montréal Fashion Week was the latest collection by Denis Gagnon. Blending feminine and masculine thematics, the designer offered modern, edgy pieces where the line between a man and a woman was hard to draw: men were strolling in heels and skirts, while women were clad in running shoes and wide pants.

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The new line was predominantly black, white and grey, with a splash of red in one of the pieces. The designer presented sporty outfits, such as loose track pants in cotton, paired up with tighter tops and heels. The style, the gender and the colour were all mixed, offering truly unique looks. The dresses, worn by men and women alike, were short, flared and feminine, with long thick zippers at the back – a key signature of Gagnon.

Of interesting note was the models’ make-up. The lips were bright, the brow bone was well-defined in white and the eye was turquoise – these vibrant colours looked great with the monochrome shades used in clothing.


The new collection by Unttld had a dark, mysterious feel to it. The show began with a number of long, black layered pieces, after which the designers have eventually introduced more colour: olive, white and golden. The silhouettes were predominantly long and flared. Unlike the Rudsak’s tight skinny trousers, Unttled offered loose, wide leg.

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To make up for the lack of skin in their outfits, the Unttld designers opted for a naked back and transparent inserts on their skirts. There was a heavy accent put on the waist, which was usually accentuated with a belt.

The show ended on a brighter note: the last few pieces were white and golden. The dresses were long and short alike, with very feminine silhouettes – most went past the knee and to the floor.


Rudsak’s fashion show began on a loud note, with the models walking decisively to the tunes of Franz Ferdinand and Muse. This collection was all about the “hardcore” style and a rock-n-roll attitude. The models were clad in all things black and leather, accessorized with aviator sunglasses and bright red lipstick.

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Unlike many other designers of the Montréal Fashion Week who presented long, flowing skirts on the catwalk, Rudsak accentuated the legs: most models were either in short black dresses or tight sheer leggings. Some dresses and skirts were short in the front, gradually getting longer to the floor at the back in a veil-like fashion. The black-and-white stripe was also present in several pieces.

The colour palette for this new collection is not unlike that of Unttled or Denis Gagnon – the colours were predominantly black, with some pieces in white, ice-blue and light brown.

Men’s styles were less varied than women’s: each outfit consisted of a mid-length, leather jacket, straight trousers. Of interesting note were the men’s trousers: the hemline was a few inches above the shoe, demonstrating it in detail.

Overall, the new Rudsak collection was dark, bold and chic. It presented plenty of leather and sheer fabric, as well as tight, provocative silhouettes.

Guests at fashion week

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