Ottawa Fashion Week: team insight

October 10, 2012

By Hannah Yakobi

Ottawa Fashion Week, spring/summer 2013, takes place this weekend. Every six months, designers from all over Canada, and sometimes from other parts of the world, come to the nation’s capital for a fashion treat.

We chatted with some of the organizers to provide a special OFW insight to FAJO‘s readers!

Ottawa Fashion Week, fall/winter 2012. Photo: James Park, FAJO Magazine.

Bruno Racine, Creative Director

Tell us more about your involvement with the Ottawa Fashion Week.

I got involved in OFW by leading the beauty team backstage and bringing sponsors on board, such as L’Oréal Professional and Otto’s BMW.

What to you is the best part about this event?

Ottawa Fashion Week brings together great national and international designers, with buyers and retailers in the national capital. We create an exciting platform for designers to showcase their newest collections.

We are also making the Ottawa community aware of specific local and international designers – new or established. OFW has always been a consumers and buyers event.

Ottawa Fashion Week, spring/summer 2012 collections. Photo: Omer Khan, FAJO Magazine.

How would you define fashion?

Fashion to me is a reflection of who we are. It is each and everyone’s individual beauty!

Where would you like to see OFW in the next five years?  

Very easy: my ultimate goal is to have a “Haute Coiffure, Haute Couture” event.

Bruno Racine (right) with Ruby Cheng at an OFW party. Photo: James Park, FAJO Magazine.

Ruby Cheng, Director of Business Development

How did you get involved in OFW?

I was attending Ottawa Fashion Week several years ago, and was really impressed with their growth. I was extremely pleased that Bruno Racine invited me on board from sixth season onwards.

What do you enjoy about this event?

I love that this event is accessible to a wide range of age and professional groups. The young people are the future of the society and I value their opinions and visions. I also greatly value the experienced industry group that attends our event.

Who is your favourite Canadian designer and why?

There are too many to name. I truly respect all of them for working so hard and believing in their dreams.

Kimberly McCarthy-Kearney. Photo courtesy of interviewee.

Kimberly McCarthy-Kearney, Public Relations Lead

What is the best thing about OFW?  

Aside from the most obvious answer, the fabulous fashion, I would have to say the best thing is that a staff of volunteers creates such a first-class event.

We are blessed with an amazing team.

How has the Ottawa fashion industry changed thanks to OFW?  

I think it has definitely upped the glam factor in this government city.

OFW has also brought awareness that we have an abundance of talented designers in Ottawa.

Where would you like to see OFW in the next five years?

I would like to see OFW attended by major media and buyers from across Canada and beyond, to truly give our designers broader exposure.

Ottawa Fashion Week, spring/summer 2012. Photo: Omer Khan, FAJO Magazine.


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