Halloween 2016: a make-up and hair creative

October 31, 2016

Written and produced by: Amy Pigeon

Film and editing by: Mark Cannataro

Assistant production and choreography: Carly Stipancic, Full of Heart Lifestyle

Make-up by: Cru 6 Beauty artists— Amy Pigeon, Alexa Taylor, Fatemah Wadi, Valeria Safonova

Modeling by: Adam Pecekanovic, Felicia Aphayvong, Tamara Seibert

It’s no surprise to anyone that knows FAJO’s make-up artist Amy Pigeon that Halloween is her favourite time of the year. It is one fragment of the year when children and adults alike can be whoever or whatever they like with zero judgment (assuming your costume is relatively tasteful, that is!).

A few years ago, Amy began a tradition of producing a creative video every Halloween. This usually revolves around some concept that pops into her head without rhyme or reason, and always includes marrying her passion for video production and Halloween with her make-up skills—this year was no different.

Sometime in the last 12 months, Amy was working out at the gym when “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys played on her iPod. The music video popped into her head and she thought how fun it would be to recreate portions of the video in her annual Halloween creative.

It was only a month before Halloween, however, when Amy decided she wanted to start her own agency representing beauty stylists. This Halloween creative was the perfect way to introduce her new team to the public and launch her business. So here is Amy and the Cru 6 Beauty Squad.

Happy Halloween!


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