FAJO Photoshoot: 7 looks for Halloween 2017

October 26, 2017

Halloween is the single day (or party weekend) of the year when adults get to escape reality and pretend to be someone else. From silly, to glam, to gory costumes, you’re allowed to express yourself in whatever weird or glamorous way you want to—and it’s awesome.

With Halloween weekend starting tomorrow, we wanted to share with you a few quick and simple tricks on how to achieve popular Halloween makeup looks that perfectly balance glam and gore, a huge trend we’re seeing in the beauty world.

Look 1: Vampire

The Vampire makeup look is a quick and easy one to pull together last minute with tons of versatility. We like a heavy smoky eye (or simply whatever ultra glamorous look you prefer) with a grey contour for the base look.

Dress it up with a bit of fake blood at the corners of your mouth, some fangs (which can be found at the party store) and creepy contacts.

For those with extra time and/or patience, paint veins around the eyes with a very thin eyeliner brush using eye shadows.

FAJO’s Beauty Editor Amy Pigeon models the Vampire look.

Look 2: Mummy

We don’t see too many Mummies in mainstream beauty, but we’re not sure why. With Cleopatra looks saturating the streets and internet at Halloween, why not bring it to the next-level Mummy, with textured, weathered looking skin and bandages?

Create your pretty Cleopatra makeup look and swirl Third Degree on to areas of the skin that you want to look rough and texturized. Finish the look wrapping parts of your head in gauze that you have previously stained in coffee and cocoa powder (bonus: it smells delicious!).

FAJO’s Editor-in-Chief Hannah Yakobi models the Mummy look.

Look 3: Fairy

Fairy makeup creations are wonderful looks for those wanting something a bit more playful—however, you can take this look as far in the direction of “dark” as you want.

Create a beautiful, Cirque Du Soleil-inspired fantasy makeup look (glitter is encouraged) and bring in the authentic fairy feel with prosthetic ears (again, these can be found at a party store).

To creep it up, add bright contacts or full-blown black Sclera lenses for an evil-look.

FAJO’s Senior Photographer Kareen Mallon models the Fairy look.

Look 4: Devil

The Devil is another ultra-sexy costume and makeup look that you can make creepier with a few simple steps.

For a special effects touch, attach prosthetic horns using spirit gum (each can be purchased from the party store) and sculpt Third Degree silicone modeling compound around the base of the horns to look like torn flesh.

Paint the silicone with matching foundation, and top off with loads of fake blood.

FAJO’s Senior Photographer Tara West models the Devil look.

Look 5: Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein, just like the other looks, is one you would want to start off with an over-the-top, glamourous makeup look.

To bring in elements from the Frankenstein monster, create incision scars/wounds around the face using Third Degree.

Before the Third Degree completely hardens, push in chunks of staples for a seriously twisted “DIY” stitching effect.

FAJO’s Events and Culture Editor Darina Granik models the Bride of Frankenstein look.

Look 6: Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is another traditional beauty look that can easily be gored up using (yes, you guessed it!) Third Degree silicone modeling compound.

Create your favourite beauty look and mold claw wounds around your eyes in vertical tears to look like you got into a brawl (and lived to tell the tale!) with the big bad wolf.

Complete with a bright white contact lens for an extra scary effect.

FAJO’s Social Media Editor Lacey Ward models the Little Red Riding Hood look.

Look 7: The Walking Dead

An infection look depicts “the transition stage” from The Walking Dead and is a more fun, mainstream makeup option for those leaning more on the gore side of the scale.

Create boils on the skin using liquid latex, lifting lightly at one edge after the latex has dried, and fill up the area with yellow or green frosting using a tiny syringe.

Add veining around the eyes with a fine detail brush and eye shadows, and top the whole face off with glycerin for a sweaty, wet-looking complexion.

FAJO’s Head of Web Creative Ryan Price models The Walking Dead look.

Happy Halloween 2017, everyone!

For more inspirations, check out our Halloween 2015 and Halloween 2016 stories. 

By Amy Pigeon
Art Direction by Amy Pigeon
Photography by Kareen Mallon
Make-up Artist: Amy Pigeon and Fatemah Wadi (Cru6 Beauty)
Hair: Dylan Dias (Cru6 Beauty)

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