5 tips to stay on top of your health

June 8, 2022

The human body is a marvelous creation. But, like any other machine, it requires maintenance and care to function optimally. Your health is more than just an absence of disease; it’s a holistic state of well-being that encompasses physical, mental and social elements. We all know that eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and reducing stress can all positively impact our health – but what are some practical ways to put this into practice?

Make sleep a priority

Sleep is not a luxury; it’s a vital part of everyday life. Your body and brain need sufficient rest to work at their best, so getting your eight hours each night is essential. As they get older, many people find that they require less sleep due to naturally slowing metabolism, but getting enough sleep is necessary for your health. 

It can lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and improve your brain function. It’s also important to manage your stress levels, which can interfere with sleep. 

Try meditation or mindfulness exercises if you struggle to sleep due to stress. Downtime between tasks is essential for mental rest and creativity. We all have a limited amount of energy each day, and it is crucial to make sure we don’t run on empty. If you are working long hours, it’s important to find a way to re-energize yourself, so that you don’t burn out. 

Some people use exercise to release stress, while others may use meditation or visualization. Whatever your method is, take time out for yourself.

Make healthy eating a habit

We all know that eating more fresh, nutritious foods is good for the body, but how do you actually make the time to shop for and cook healthy meals? The first step is to shift your thinking to see it as an active choice rather than an obligation. If you think about healthy eating as a chore, you’ll find it difficult to make time for it. However, if you shift your perspective, healthy eating becomes a positive daily habit that can improve your health, energy and general well-being.

If cooking your own meals sounds like an uphill task, try finding healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. You might also want to try meal planning to ensure you have enough time to make healthy eating a daily priority. 

Keep a list of healthy foods that are quick to prepare, such as a sandwich with fresh vegetables, hummus, or fresh fruit. It might be worth investing in pre-prepared healthy food such as fresh salads, soups, or sushi if you’re short on time.

Try new fitness classes

Each year, gyms are packed with people trying new fitness classes. Fitness classes are an excellent way to introduce new exercise into your routine and help motivate you to remain active long-term. Some of the most popular classes include dance, yoga, spinning and martial arts. Of course, you can also try lifting weights or some other form of exercise if you are more comfortable in a gym setting

If you have a standard gym membership, it’s worth making the most of it by trying some new classes. If you don’t have a local gym, you could consider trying an online fitness service. Fitness classes are a great way to meet new people, so try to attend as many different classes as you can.

Practice stress-relieving activities

There are many ways to reduce stress, but it’s important to find the ones that work best for you. Some of the best stress-relieving activities are low impact and can be practiced anywhere. For example, try meditating or taking a mindful walk to help you switch off from work or other daily pressures. 

You could also try colouring, knitting or gardening to help you de-stress. You could keep a journal to express your feelings more constructively. It is an excellent way to help you get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper. And it also makes for great reading material when you’re feeling a little older and wiser!

By finding your most successful stress-relieving activities, you can deal with stress more efficiently and reduce the medical effects of long-term stress on the body. 

Stay up to date on your prescriptions

It’s essential to keep up to date with your prescriptions and notify your doctor of any possible side effects. Your doctor will appreciate the information and may help you reduce or avoid any potential complications. If you can’t make it in person, online companies like Simple Online Pharmacy can provide you with a prescriptions you may need. 


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