Checking out Rolex: the Submariner Date “Kermit” and the Cosmograph Daytona

April 13, 2021

Luxury accessories can brighten up any outfit and become your wardrobe staple for the years to come. In the last year, despite our consistent reliance on phones, watches have made a triumphant comeback as an elegant go-to item.

When it comes to status symbols, few names are more respected and widely known than Rolex. Unlike a lot of luxury brands, Rolex tends to stay current and modernize its designs, too. The infographic below showcases some of the most sought-after and fashionable Rolex watches currently on the market: the Submariner Date “Kermit” and the Cosmograph Daytona.

The infographic breaks down what has made these designs so popular, their recent updates, sizes, movement functions and special features.

If you’re considering putting a Rolex on your wrist, take a look below to see just what they can offer.

Infographic Design By WatchBox

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