Making sustainable choices: in life and fashion

April 22, 2021

In recent years, most industries has been held to account for their environmental impact and, quite rightly so, consumers have been calling for change. 

Far from being an exception, fashion – and fast fashion, in particular – has been at the centre of these consumption shifts, especially in light of the industry’s greenhouse emissions (already accounting for 10% of global emissions). Did you know that they are on track to rise by about a third by 2030? This, at a time when the vast majority of industries are working to reduce rather than increase the damage they cause. In fact, consumers are largely having to pave the way for sustainable fashion themselves. 

A valid reason to buy high-end pieces

High-end clothing, jewelry and accessories may cost more, but they tend to have a longer lifetime. They serve as staple wardrobe pieces and help clear out the clutter in your home. Buying high-end items can also drastically reduce your carbon footprint while still ensuring that you stand out fashionably

Natural colours are all the craze

This season, minimalist looks, industrial styles and neutral colours continue to take centrestage in fashion. Focus on go-to items, like the stunning designs of this Canadian-made wood watch. Many of these designs will become your favourite accessory, and can be bought for yourself or anyone you know.

Sustainability matters in all areas of our life and fashion should be no different. A good time to start making changes in your life is here and now!


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