7 tips to help you pick your wedding favours

September 19, 2017

After all the planning, from the dress, to the colours, to the matching flowers, another thing to add to the list are the wedding favours.

Here, you might want to ask yourself a few questions: do you want the wedding favour to be multipurpose and something that your guests can use over and over again (like a mug or mason jar)? Is it something that you want to make and put together like jam? Or does it have sentimental value, like a picture frame?


As with most wedding traditions these days, wedding favours are determined by the bride and groom. And here are some of our tips to help you plan this part of the Big Day!

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1. Shop around and shop smart. There are a number of suppliers out there that you can buy multiple orders from, including sites like VistaPrint. See if there are any deals or sales and, of course, always check the reviews before you buy. You want to make sure that the supplier is reliable and delivers on time — the worst thing you need is to stress about delivery.

2. Avoid sticker shock. Wedding favours typically cost anywhere from $4 to $10 per person, but really, there is no golden number. However, the number of guests can increase your budget exponentially. After you’ve selected your item, make sure you know what the total price tag will be, and ensure you have a few extras in case any get damaged in transport to your house or to the wedding itself.


3. Don’t be afraid to be inspired by others. Brides love to share their ideas, either in stories on Facebook or blogs – and rightly so! Some have spent years planning their Big Day. Did you hear of another favour at a wedding that you thought was perfect? Did someone rave about the homemade jam they received, or talk about the coffee mug that they continuously use?

4. Wedding favours are part of the table décor. With all the different type of wedding favours available, don’t be afraid to get creative with your table setting. If you are offering a box of candy or small jar, see if you can tie a ribbon to match the table runner or napkins.


5. Give yourself enough time. One thing we have repeated throughout this series is to allow yourself some time or to give yourself a buffer when placing an order. With my wedding, the gifts that we ordered did not come in the best condition (i.e. scratched), and we had very little time to come up with a quick fix. This is something we could have reordered had we given ourselves the time – but I’m happy to report our guests were none the wiser!

6. A little sentiment goes a long way. Your wedding day is a big one for you, but also for your guests. If you put a little bit of extra attention to detail, believe me, your guests will see it and will feel appreciated.


7. Tradition! Tradition! Tradition! Some families may have a tradition. Before you even begin to shop, discuss with your respective parents what they gave away at their weddings. Maybe you could be inspired by their gift, or use the same one. A decorative bowl? What about handing out mugs instead? Or giving away seeds so your guests can plant herbs in their own gardens?

There are a number of wedding favours that you can hand out. Like most traditions in a wedding, the rules are what you make them!

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Katherine Ellis got married in April 2017.

By Katherine Ellis
Photography by Shutterstock

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