Top 5 vintage Barbie dolls that will make your heart melt

August 12, 2023

Barbie has always played an important role in my life: when my sister and I were kids, we had exactly 12 Barbies and 1 Ken, with lots of outfits, some cool furniture (how could I ever forget that bright pink rubber sofa) and many unforgettable memories!

When the new Barbie movie released last month, I went to see it with a FAJO colleague and a close friend the day before it was officially out in theatres. You can see the highlights of our very pink experience in a reel on my Instagram page.

Thinking about Barbies made me nostalgic and so I decided to look up some vintage dolls as I was curious to see what I could find online. Not only were there many, many options, but I also noticed that the prices skyrocketed following the film’s release! Here are the Top 5 dolls that I found and liked best.

1. Bob Mackie Limited Edition Countess Dracula Barbie Doll

This exquisite doll is priced at CAD $2,224.93 and has a truly exceptional outfit. It is currently available on Amazon on this page.

2. Happy Holidays 1997 Barbie Doll

This doll from 1997 is currently being sold on eBay for CAD $21,402.50! She has a beautiful gown and is in its original packaging.

3. 1995 Vintage Christian Dior Barbie Doll

I’m also a big fan of this doll because I love Dior, and it’s available on Etsy in its original packaging for CAD $1,332.59!

4. Groovy 60s Collector Edition Barbie Doll

This Barbie has all the 1960s vibes and is sold on Etsy for CAD $170.10.

5. 1982 Vintage Barbie & Friends Gift Set

It’s not all about Barbie, but about Ken and their friends too! This gift set from 1982 can also be found on Etsy and has the original packaging with 3 dolls: Barbie, Ken and PJ. Aren’t they cute? You can purchase the set for CAD $476.

Photo credit: all images are from Amazon, Etsy and eBay’s related product pages. Feature image from Unsplash by Roman Vsugon.


Story by Hannah Yakobi

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