10 Questions: Daria Ponomareva

March 14, 2013

Photography by Helena-Alexis Seymour and Bo Zhang

Daria Ponomareva is one of the rising stars in the Canadian modelling industry. She has travelled the world and has walked in some very high-profile fashion shows, including Marc Jacobs.

In this issue, she shares the story behind her career growth.

Daria Ponomareva. Photo by Helena-Alexis Seymour.

1. How did it all begin?

In middle school, one of the boys in my class told me I should be a model because I was skinny. I then asked my friend if she knew any agencies and she recommended Angie’s Models and Talent (AMTI). I begged my parents to let me go to an open call. Angie accepted me at the open call.

2. Why did you approach AMTI?

My friend had told me it was the best choice to make. From the start, what I liked about the agency was that all the people in it, including Angie and her husband Lou, were kind. They give great advice, are always there for you and help you grow as a person.

3. What have been some of your biggest modelling successes to date?

Getting to New York City and doing the fashion weeks was a big success for me. I had waited for that chance for a while. Others include travelling to Tokyo and closing the Marc Jacobs show there.

4. You travel on a lot on assignments. As a model you always have to look fabulous and cannot be jetlagged, for example. Do you have a special beauty routine that you follow?

Lots of sleep, water and healthy eating habits go a long way. I never forget to moisturize. I usually do not use any beauty products, only moisturizer for my face and a little mascara.

Ponomareva travels extensively around the world on many of her assignments. Photo: Bo Zhang.

5. Who do you turn to for modelling and career advice?

I turn to Angie, my mother agent, for absolutely everything.

6. Do you have close friends who are models as well?

I have only one close friend who is a model. Her name is Herieth Paul. We do not go on assignments together.

7. What was your most memorable shoot to date?

My most memorable shoot was last season, for an editorial. It was a really great location, about two hours away from Tokyo, with amazing scenery. The team I worked with was amazing and a lot of fun.

8. If you had a chance to restart it from all over again – would you do anything differently?

I wouldn’t. I have learned that no matter what, you should always try your best to be happy and never give up, even if it gets really tough.

Ponomareva’s work is creative and natural. Photo: Helena-Alexis Seymour.

9. What, to you, is the best part of being a model?

Meeting different types of people: people who come from countries all over the world, and who have different views and opinions that I can learn from.

10. In 10 years, where would you like to be?

I would like to have accomplished my goal of being a successful supermodel that I have set years ago.

Daria is represented by Angie’s Models & Talent International. For more information about her and other Canadian talents, please visit http://www.angiesmodels.com/


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