The story of Myles Sexton

March 14, 2013

By Myles Sexton

Photography by Robin Gartner

My name is Myles Sexton. I am 21 years old, and I grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia, called Brooklyn. My hometown was known for growing extremely large pumpkins!

When I was 16, I started modelling. I was signed to my first agency, and I don’t think my life has stopped since that moment. My agency taught me many things about the fashion industry, but as my first year came to an end, I felt more and more of myself disappearing. My agent was trying to make me someone who did not reflect who I am on the inside.

Myles Sexton.

I released myself from the agency in search of what made me unique as a model and not what made me similar to everyone else. I soon came to realize that my insecurity of being androgynous could be my greatest strength. I got on a plane and moved to Toronto to pursue my modelling career. Little did I know that it would change my life!

Now I am working as both a mens- and womenswear model on the runway and in editorial! I have walked on the catwalks of Toronto Fashion Week and |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week. I have been featured on Vogue Italia’s website three times for editorials that I have modelled for. I was also the face of Glen Hanson’s new clothing line and the subject of an online reality show called I walk for Myles in These Shoes.

When I was starting out as a model, there was no money in it. I needed to find something that could support my dreams. As a teenager, I was always playing with the contents of my mother’s make-up bag and would transform myself into different characters of my imagination. I realized that I was pretty good at doing make-up, so I started practicing on my friends and on models at the agency. By the time I was 17, I had a job working for Smashbox Cosmetics on their National Artist Team. I currently work as a freelance artist, mostly in body painting, editorial and runway.

Sexton poses with one of his signature rings and necklaces.

After living in Toronto for a year, I found that I had nothing to wear. It inspired me to start creating jewelry to add to my outfits and to give them a little bit of an editorial flair. Little did I know that people would want to actually buy my jewelry. I decided to start designing a line of jewelry and see what would happen! Growing up in Nova Scotia, I was always very close to nature. It allowed my imagination to always run as free as the forest. I think it definitely reflects the style of my work — I love using natural elements as the focus in my pieces. I am all about not making the statement, but being the statement with my line of jewelry. At the moment, my pieces are carried by seven stores across Canada.

Last season, I had my first celebrity client, Grace Jones. I could hardly function when I received the email with images of her wearing one of my eye patches from my spring/summer 2013 collection. I have also had my jewelry worn by Nelly Furtado, Kreesha Turner, Martina Sorbara (lead singer of Dragonette) and Emily Haines.

My life has definitely changed a lot since my days as a cashier at Superstore. I am no longer dreaming of the day I will be free to turn my thoughts into creations. I am now balancing three careers: make-up artist, model and designer.

I love to create, and I think that it’s a negative thing to neglect all the creative sides of you. I don’t think I could pick just one career to focus on — I am deeply devoted to following my dreams and will stop at nothing until I accomplish them. I want to become the man that I wish I knew existed when I was a child, and I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Sexton with the owners of The Store on Queen, LadyVi (left) and SirJohnny.

I would love to send out a huge thank you to Angela and Valentina, owners of TSOQ (The Store On Queen), for their endless support of my jewelry line! Their unique, personal style and kind souls inspire me deeply! Everyone can see my latest jewelry launches at TSOQ.

A special thank you to The Store on Queen, for providing the location for this photoshoot.

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  • Sarah said:

    I’m honoured to be the first to comment!Love the person and inspiration you have become. Brooklyn,N.S. is the new, New York, thanks to you!

  • Maggie Kay said:

    Congrats Myles darling!!!! You’re always going to be the ONE!!! <3

  • Maggie Kay said:

    Congrats Myles darling!!!! You cannot imagine how proud I am!!! Love forever!!! Maggie

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