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I’m passionate about photography, particularly urban and industrial. I think that in life it is inevitable to extend your horizons and a needed creative impetus in my case was modelling.

Photography gives me an opportunity to conceive things from a different angle. When photographing people, I feel that I can bring out unseen depths of their personality; in other words – I can tweak reality. One of the most remarkable shots I’ve ever taken was of a friend of mine, who has unfairly been dubbed as ‘a party-animal.’ The pic I took was a monochrome shot, a mere image of the side view of her face. When I pulled it up on my screen, it had the feel of a life story rather than a picture. Indeed, it turned out to be a genuine portrayal of her life journey when I confronted her with my interpretation of this picture; a multitude of father figures throughout her life coupled with unanswered calls for validation. I am still in awe till this day about the profoundness of this image.

Due to my part-time modelling career, I am constantly exposed to fashion. So far, I’ve had my first runway show at the Ottawa Fashion Week, modelling for the Escape Movement, and I’m now starting to explore the Montreal and Toronto scene. This has also been a great way to expand on my existing photography skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy studying languages, researching climate change solutions and, as for sports, I am infatuated with snowboarding. The gym is just a necessary evil. As a footloose person, travelling also assumes a high rank on my list of favourite things to do.


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