Marcus Kan

Art / Creative Director


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Thanks to my parents, I have been surrounded by arts and fashion since a very young age, and this ultimately led to my passion for working in these two industries.

I was the fashion director at at an online fashion company, called Ukamaku, for two years and from there, I got the chance to connect with a lot of Canadian designers. They constantly surprised me with their amazing creations.

I created my blog à la mode in 2009 and from that moment onward, I got the chance to deal with a lot of amazing artists and luxurious brands. This blog also helped me to land a spot as a contributor to Swide online magazine by Dolce & Gabbana.

In my spare time, I like to explore different restaurants and retail stores in the city. I am also frequently at different art exhibitions, where I go to find fresh inspirations and discover new artists.

Illustration credit: Juan Cruz Prats.


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