Nolcha Fashion Week – part 2

September 21, 2011

By Katia Ostapets

Photography by Alex Mouganis

This is our second installment in the coverage of the fashion shows from the Nolcha Fashion Week that took place on Monday, Sept.12, 2011.

It follows from the first installment.

Nolcha attracts members of the fashion industry from around the world.

4:00 p.m. runway show

Elizabeth Kosich New York

As promised, the first look for Elizabeth Kosich New York featured the designer’s oversized gold bracelet she wore at the Bloggers’ Brunch, paired with a knit earth-toned bathing suit and mustard turban. The rest of the collection featured an array of art deco-inspired bathing suits in lilac, forest green, burgundy and black, as well as colourful tunics in retro prints. The collection told a story with its use of dazzling jewelry and gramophone music, of a glamorous 1940s starlet relaxing at her estate. Anyone would want to be a part of Kosich’s fantasy.

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Amber Patton

Amber Patton on the other hand envisioned a young Parisian girl and what she would wear as she lived in the celebrated city of lights. For professional occasions Patton suggests conservative but modern dresses in white and navy, as well as a black skirt suit. For strolling in Jardin Luxembourg, silk blouses in a romantic green print paired with white or red bottoms in classic shapes. And for those leisurely weekend nights, a variety of tunics in caramel, black and navy, which could be dressed up or down.

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Zula Studio with Maleku Jewelry

In the only futuristic show of the day, Zula Studio showed plum, caramel, and cerulean dresses with truly imaginative details. The collection was defined by its fitted skirts made of tulle shaved into various shapes, belt buckles, large piping, and creative cut-outs. The princess Leia inspiration was most noticeable in the final look – a full length white skirt with striking slits and a structured cropped top accented by the large black statement necklace by Maleku Jewelry.

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Amelia Boland

Amelia Boland’s purely white and black collection depicted a naughty little doll in sheer shift dresses and black knee high stockings. Many dresses had the romantic effect of a grown up woman wearing her blouse or nightgown from when she was a girl. They were paired with sheer or matt black legging or very short structured white valour shorts. The final look was a simple shite sheer full length gown that fit the theme.

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Daisy and Elizabeth

Daisy and Elizabeth provided the only lingerie show of the night with pieces in black, mauve, nude and accents of orange. The overall look was vintage, with high waisted bottoms, garter belts and underwire-less triangular braziers. The unexpected masculine touches, such as suspenders and knee-length bottoms, worked well with the femininity of the other pieces and made the collection memorable.

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