Pink Tartan (LG Fashion Week): spinning the colour wheel

October 20, 2010

By Hannah Yakobi

Photography by Stephenson Price

The LG Fashion Week is back!

A diverse group of designers will introduce their Spring 2011 collections. Amongst them is the runway veteran Pink Tartan. Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s line was a true treat to the eyes when she presented it in a jam-packed Heritage Court on Tuesday.

A model displays one of the Pink Tartan pieces.

Her skillful manipulation of colour and style was brought to life in a game of pattern and experimentation.

The Spring 2011 collection is accentuated by straight cuts, fruity shades and classic hats.

Signalling a return to the 70s, Newport-Mimran contrasts simple chic with playful thigh-high slits and belly button low V-necks.

Ankle-length dresses are paired with stiletto peep-toe boots, bandanas and oversized eyewear, à la dragonfly.

There is no doubt here – Newport-Mimran expects every respectable fashionista to focus on high heels this season.

The designer’s favourite runway accessory, however, is a golden metallic belt composed of multiple circular pieces, and securely fastened around the waistline.

The most prominent shades that dominate the catwalk are fuchsia, deep blue, orange and bright green. Zebra patterns have a strong presence as well.

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The focus is placed on soft, flowing fabrics that add a feminine touch to any look – be it very masculine or already very girly.

The collection rings true with Fashion Week’s theme this season, genuinely celebrating The Style of Power.


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  • m.a. said:

    I love Pink Tartan!! the photos are fantastic! great review :)


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