|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012

May 22, 2012

By Julia Eskins, Katia Ostapets and Aleyah Solomon

Photography by Dmitri Moisseev and Tara West

As one of the official Media Sponsors of |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012, FAJO Magazine‘s team was covering every single day and every single show. The focus of the fashion week was Fashion Scapes: Land.City.Body.Future. It was a week filled with glamour, variety and true creative diversity.

In this four-page special, our editorial team reviews some of their favourite shows.

|FAT| 2012.

|FAT| Day One – LANDscapes

By Aleyah Solomon

Photography by Dmitri Moisseev

Pumping music, a variety of art and photography works on the walls, and fabulous runway shows greeted the guests on Tuesday, April 24, at |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week. The interpretation of the “landscapes” theme by each artist was different. However, natural embellishments, colour, tribal patterns and mixed textures of leather, fur, wool and cotton, successfully combined the idea of nature and landscape, while the theatrical presentation on the runway added a special flare to the shows!

Cosmetic Green was full of different shapes, textures and constructions from the flower-inspired to the brown leather dresses; there was a quirky sophistication to each look, which translated perfectly to the “nature” aspect of the night.

Jade Sullivan-Vallentyne took a different approach with neutral tones of greys and browns, adding splashes of rose and mauve. Using leather, wool and jersey fabrics with small details of crochet tribal print, “urban heritage” is the word combination I would use to describe the collection.

Pat McDonagh Couture & The Consortium’s presentation was sexy and chic. Classic retro shapes with a dark ominous style took centrestage, with a special showstopper: a gradient light to dark blue gown with a petal hemline.

Mitra Ghavamian’s exceptional attention to styling made this collection very popular! Each piece sported a tribal pattern and colour, and all were widely accessorized, including long, braided headpieces of fabric, patterned leg wraps, turbans, armbands and even a backpack designed to resemble a handcrafted doll. The colours alone were enough to grab everyone’s attention, and a tunic top with crochet bandeau and fringe detail was one of my favourites.

The theatrics and construction of Asphyxia’s collection mixed the feminine lace with leather, for an edgy burlesque feel. Attitude set the show, and the presentation ended with two girls in black, holding scissors around their waists and then using them to cut off another model’s dress, which revealed lace with flowers.

Little.White.Dress was focused on exactly what you would think: white dresses. The design duo took it a step further, however, with the construction and embellishments of pearls, white rosettes and mirror pieces that made these dresses sparkle!

Ending the night was Mackenzie Jones featuring Danielle Cameron, who created a “Rêverie” that focused on the intimacy of couples. Each couple wore costumes to complement one another, and they were both romantic and fantastical.

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