Bois 1920: bottled luxury

November 25, 2013

By Katherine Ellis

Photography by Jill Adams

Luxury was the word of the evening on Nov.6 in Ottawa. Among “DDG” (Drop Dead Gorgeous) and “GHI” (Gotta Have It) exclamations, Sid Cratzbarg hosted the Bois 1920 Exclusives launch at Le Cordon Bleu.

Gathered at a packed house in the intimate setting of the restaurant, attendees were able to sample and discuss the perfume line with other Bois enthusiasts and followers, while eating delectable confections of goat cheese, beef wellington and more.

Each Bois 1920 bottle is handcrafted.

Each Bois 1920 bottle is handcrafted.

The eager Ottawans listened to Cratzbarg, as he continued the night exploring the hints and notes of the four new scents in the Limited Art Collection, which included:

  • Dolce di Giorno, whose notes include grapefruit, cinnamon and cedar wood
  • Sensual Tuberose, with notes of jasmine, coconut and musk
  • Vento nel Vento, with notes of white musk, licorice and sandalwood
  • Relativemente Rosso, with notes of May rose, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla

Founded in Florence in 1920, Bois 1920 has become an exclusive Italian perfume line, which is known for the limited releases of its collections. For this line, Canada has received a limited number of bottles across the country and all are available exclusively at Holt Renfrew.

For the last few years, Cratzbarg has been launching exclusive perfumes at Holt Renfrew. He is also the owner of well-known Ottawa-based company, Accessories by Sid. A local television, radio and print personality, he believes that every perfume has a story.

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