Why you should prioritize your health when you work from home

July 28, 2021

Working from home means that we spend the majority of our time inside. As a result, we often spend little time outdoors. If you are wondering how to improve your health when working from home, here are the best tips.

Reduce further health complications

When you spend more time at home, you will likely let health issues slide. However, it’s important to treat issues as soon as they appear to combat health complications and improve your overall health. 

For instance, you might injure your heel when working out or hit it against a hard surface. If the pain persists, you must treat it. If you want to know how to treat heel pain, here are some tips:

  • Stretch the area: loosening the muscles will help relieve aches and pain.
  • Ice: putting ice on the area will help control and calm inflammation, which could be causing the pain.
  • Massage: massaging the area will help reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, which can decrease swelling and reduce discomfort.

Reduce stress

When you work from home, it is common to switch between screens for the majority of the day. However, this is extremely detrimental to your eye health and can cause stress and fatigue. 

When you finish work, you should make time for off-screen activities. Instead of switching between your laptop and the TV, you could go for a walk, have dinner, read or exercise. Partaking in healthy activities will benefit your general health and protect your eye health.

Improve your overall health

It is vital to keep up your water intake when you work from home. You might drink plenty when you work in the office and commute as you might have the water bottle handy at all times. You shouldn’t let this routine slide at home. 

Don’t replace water with juices or coffee. Your water intake will improve your overall health. Aim for at least 8 glasses per day to maintain optimal hydration.

Enhance your diet

Becoming lazy with your diet is common when you spend a lot of time at home. Instead of resorting to take outs, pre-planning your meals can help you maintain a healthy diet. 

When you pre-plan your meals, you should ensure to shop for the week, so that you have all the ingredients. With the meals planned and the ingredients in the fridge, you will be more likely to stick to your healthy balanced diet. 

Make better health decisions

Speaking of lacking a healthy diet, you might increase your snacking when you are working from home. It is easy to get up from your desk and head straight to the kitchen. However, this can impact your overall health. Restrict your snacking and maintain a healthy diet to achieve optimal health. 


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