Top 3 things contemporary brides want in 2022

April 12, 2022

Weddings tend to be an occasion full of traditions: from the speeches at the meal to the throwing of the bouquet. Yet, alongside some of the more traditional aspects of tying the knot, modern brides are putting their own spin on their wedding experience. 

1. One-carat engagement ring

Traditionally, 1 carat diamond rings have been the most popular choice for engagements, and this continues to be the case. This is probably because they provide the perfect combination of style and value and ensure the bride’s engagement ring sparkles on her wedding day and sets off the rest of her outfit. Of course, before making such a large investment it’s well worth checking out guides on what to look for. You’d want to ensure you are getting the best value and style for your money. 

2. A dash of colour in the wedding dress

Over the years, wedding dresses used to be white or ivory, but the modern bride is looking for a more colourful option. Indeed, wedding dresses now come in a range of pastel hues such as pistachio, wisteria, blush, baby pink and buttercup yellow. There are even grey, red or black dresses. All of which retain the femininity of the dress while adding a contemporary twist. 

Pastels are not the only way to add a little colour to your big day, with many brides choosing bright colours, rainbow sequined fabrics for dresses and veils, and even DIY dip-dye dresses worn with leather jackets for that extra bit of edge! 

3. Great pictures that will last a lifetime

As anyone who has tied the knot will know, the day seems to whiz by and is over in a flash. The memories you create during the day are critical. Make sure to capture these with the traditional posed photos, polaroids, photobooths or a videographer.



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