The best party is always at the Thompson

April 27, 2016

When choosing a staycation, you always want it to be extra memorable—after all, the goal is to experience the city from a different perspective. A whole other dimension is added, when someone from another city joins you.

During one of her many visits from Montréal, my sister brought my little nephew along, and we all stayed at the Thompson Toronto.

It was a very, very eventful two days, jam packed with activities, parties, outings, dining out and lots of celebrating. The first night was spent with the family, the second was a perfect Girls’ Night Out, and the third was all about relaxation.

Here is what happened.

Day 1 — Friday

Thompson Toronto is well-known for its food, so as soon as we all got together that evening, we ordered some appetizers via room service.

We learned that all food was prepared at the Thompson Diner downstairs. A particular highlight was the Kale and Avocado Dip, served with seasoned corn tortilla chips. It was a perfect pairing with the Fried Calamari, which we also ordered. The latter was tossed in seasoned flour served with fried broccolini, and asparagus served with chipotle mayo and a lemon wedge.

Our dinner at the Thompson Diner that night.

Our dinner at the Thompson Diner that night.

Our room was large and spacious, with comfortable beds,
a clean, white décor, and a stunning view of the CN Tower.
This is definitely one of the highlights of the hotel—it offers some of the best panoramic views of the city. More on that
later, when I describe our Saturday experience.

Towards the end of the evening, as my sister and nephew fell asleep after a long trip, my mother joined me and we decided to head downstairs to have a full dinner at the Thompson Diner. When I think of a diner, I think of a very casual experience, but this restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere that is paired with some excellent cuisine. The best part? It’s open 24 hours a day, which is perfect if you are spending the evening partying upstairs at the rooftop, or even if you’ve just had a very long day.

We ordered some more Kale and Avocado Dip, together with an Omelette and a Chicken Quesadilla. It was late at night, and we really liked that we could order dishes that ranged from those that would traditionally be considered as dinner, and those that sounded more like breakfast. The Omelette even came with jam and toast; it was great!

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Day 2 — Saturday

This day was the highlight of our stay.

The afternoon was spent walking around the neighbourhood and enjoying the city. Thompson Toronto is centrally located, so you can be by the CN Tower, Lake Ontario or pretty much any key local landmark in minutes. It was nice that we didn’t have to use public transit or taxis to get anywhere.

After about five hours of walking, the whole family got together again and now it was time for a girls’ night out! My Mom was on babysitting duty, so my sister and I called four of our friends, everyone dressed up and we all met at the Rooftop Lounge.

There are a couple of things anyone who visits Thompson Toronto should know: the Rooftop is one of the most elegant party places in the city (I must note that it’s especially popular with the fashion crowd, as I have been to hundreds of fashion parties there over the years), it has an infinity pool during the “warm” months, and it also has one of the most memorable 180-views of Toronto.

Then, of course, we have the drinks —the lounge (which is 19+) is well-known for its colourful, thoughtfully prepared cocktails. They range from fruity, champagne options to “stronger” drinks incorporating a 10-year-old scotch. The menu changes every season, and the current version can be found here. (Another part of the hotel that recently opened after renovation is the Lobby Bar; it’s also great for a night out, but in a more chillout and less of a party atmosphere.)

We spent the evening enjoying cocktails, which we paired with a variety of snacks and appetizer bites.

The venue got progressively busier and was full by midnight. While a DJ spun a mix of dance tunes, we relaxed on the sofas inside, went outdoors to snap photos of the view, and came back inside to socialize and mingle.

It was a perfect Saturday night that went on until late.

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Day 3 — Sunday

I’ve long heard about Colette Grand Café’s brunch but never actually went there during the day. My only Colette experience was a surprise birthday dinner of a friend a few years ago, but we sat on the patio, so I never really went inside.

The verdict? The décor is soft, the colour scheme very pastel and Parisian. The food is delicious and the service: attentive and quick. The venue is also attached to the hotel, so you can easily sneak in on a cold morning, without a jacket.

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Colette has its own bakery, so it’s a convenient option if you decide to get some take-out afterwards.

It was a great venue for a girls’ afternoon on a Sunday: resting, celebrating and catching up.

When we checked out later that day, we snapped some photos of the mega-flower arrangement in the lobby and chatted for a bit with the hotel’s staff at the reception. They were all very friendly and extremely sociable.

Until next time, Thompson! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Hannah Yakobi and courtesy of the Thompson Toronto

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