FAJO partners with HTC for a luxury summer giveaway!

July 24, 2015

It’s always nice to give someone a luxury gift — whether it’s for a family member, a close friend, a romantic partner, or even a gift to yourself!

This summer, FAJO has partnered with HTC for an ultimate luxury giveaway: the exclusive, limited edition HTC One M9 INK smartphone, created in collaboration with supermodel Jourdan DunnThis phone is valued at $1,250!

The HTC One M9 INK smartphone delivers a body-art-inspired illustration, which is engraved onto the back of its two-tone metal casing. It is a perfect accessory to any outfit, bag, shoes or even body art.

The fashion story behind the phone’s design


With less than 10 devices in all of Canada this is your chance to be one of the very select few!

All you have to do to enter the contest is:

1.  In the comments section below, tell us what is your favourite part about HTC One M9 INK’s design and why.

2. Follow FAJO and HTC on Twitter.

3. Look out for FAJO’s Tweets related to this contest and re-tweet them.

Each comment, follow and re-tweet will count as one entry! So the more times you enter, the higher your chances of winning!

This contest is open to our readers across Canada. It will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on July 31, 2015.

Good luck!

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  • joy said:

    I love the design – really stands out!!

  • Jennifer l said:

    design is awesome and i think i would look hot with it :)

  • Angela Mitchell said:

    I really like the design. It’s unique, stylish, and not garish or overwhelming — nice job!

  • Jenny L said:

    I love that the design is elegant and still makes a statement.

  • Sharon said:

    Design is nice

  • Carol M said:

    I like the “tattoo” on it, so different.

  • Jonnie said:

    I really love the colours!

  • Emilia said:

    I enjoy art, the imagery of an eye is always intriguing to me and beautifully done.

  • Susan T. said:

    I love the metallic case. So stylish and sleek!

  • Sarah Grace said:

    Design is simple and sharp, LOVE IT!!

  • Andrea said:

    I really like the design!!!

  • Sunshine G said:

    I like the metallic case – it looks durable! (Which is important with a toddler in the house!)

  • Barb said:

    Sleek design and great colours! Gold is new black! ;)

  • maria said:

    I love the design. It is very clean and stylish!

  • loucheryl said:

    I love the metal colours. It Smartphone look rich and stylish. Gorgeous!

  • zahra p said:

    I like the eye right in the middle of the design. Also, a body-art inspired design etched on the phone is pretty amazing.

  • Rajbinder Kaur said:

    Jourdan Dunn’s idea of the Hamsa etched on the phone is brilliant, it’s the perfect charm to ward of negative vibe! Cheers Tweeted @BinderKaur2

  • em said:

    it’s a beautiful expression and stands out. i like that

  • Gail W said:

    My favourite part about HTC One M9 INK’s design is what it represents. The elements of protection, good fortune and luck in the design make it even more meaningful. I would love to give this to my daughter for a birthday gift, she has been talking about looking for a new phone. Thanks for the chance to win this!

    Followed and retweeted – @yyc_mom

  • wondergirl said:

    My favourite is the design itself. It’s very creative and unique, and to add it onto a phone is just hot!

  • Melissa said:

    It’s a really stylish design and I love the tatoo type art on it

  • Kathi said:

    My favorite part is the art on it because it is beautiful!

  • Charlotte/chalbe said:

    The speakers are awesome! @chalbe

  • Tyler Anthony said:

    I just love how it stands out and would fit perfectly with my personality which I find stands out and doesn’t fit in with anything.

  • Bo Simms said:

    I love the design of the HTC One M9 INK smartphone. It’s so cool, and the tattoo inspired artwork on the back not only stands out, but it is so unique and the images have significant meaning. It’s more than looks, it is what it represents and stands for, that is relative to me, and something I want to own.

  • Emilia said:

    It is a very fashionable and functional mobile, This is the most stylish one I have seen

  • Doris H said:

    My favourite is the art design. I love it because I have a huge appreciation for artistry.

  • Emilia said:

    wow less than 10 such devices in Canada! A real conversation piece too. Love the Gold one.

  • Jackie M said:

    I love the phone. It’s sleek and the Jourdan’s INK design of the hamsa hand is very meaningful.

  • Krista Miller said:

    Wow oh Wow oh WOW! Stunning!! An intricate, special design which is so classy, I would always feel like the red carpet was rolled out for me!

  • Elizabeth Vlug said:

    Love the design and colors, very unique. Stunning.

  • Andrea B. said:

    I am really digging the gold color.

  • andrea amy said:

    I love the colour and the design! So unique :) Following on twitter @mommy2fiveboys

  • Lynne M said:

    I love that artwork – let’s get more artists involved in cell phone design!

  • Thivijen said:

    The design and colour really go well together making it super unique

  • @Zac_maniac said:

    I really love the design!

  • Olivier said:

    It’s very sleek.

  • Natalie said:

    It’s super sleek. And user friendly. I totally want to get this to my mom!

  • Emilia said:

    This is a brilliant limited edition mobile. This is a true fashion statement I would be proud to carry.

  • David said:

    I love the metallic case it look sleek.

  • rebthecatsitter said:

    I LOVE the design. I love the idea of incorporating fashion, AND technology!

  • Annette C. said:

    I love the stylish design & how sleek it looks!

  • Lori L. said:

    Protection, good fortune, health & luck – who wouldn’t want their phone to be reppin’ all that?! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Heather S said:

    I love the engraving on the back of the phone. So cool!

  • Dana Nelson said:

    The unique Hamsa that Jourdan Dunn created is so beautiful! The symbol for protection, health, good luck, would be a dream come true to win!

  • Tintin said:

    I love the stylish design and never seen anything quite like it.

  • Jenn Erin said:

    I love that the design so intricately designed, and that it is made up of a few symbols that each represent something good (like protection).

  • Toby said:

    Love the Hamsa design, I have it in my car for protection.

  • brandon forsyth said:

    I love the imprint design on the bottom of the back. It stands out from other smart phones and looks great.

  • Nicole B said:

    I love the beautiful design!

  • Maria said:

    Love the design

  • Emilia said:

    I like how the design mesmerizes you into looking at it and seeing something new every time.

  • lisa mclain said:

    Love it !!! Would so love to win one !!!!

  • Brandy said:

    I love the look of the phone and the meaning behind the tattoo! Who knows, maybe a new phone with this tattoo will aid in my quest for health, protection, good fortune and luck too! Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  • josephine evans said:

    I adore Jourdan Dun and how she created her own artwork to express herself. I also love the hand art that she has created, it is such a beautiful piece of art. The meaning behind it is perfect and I can relate to this, ‘health, protection, good fortune and luck too’ something I strive for. Love the phone and everything about it. Fit me to a T and would love to show it off for the world to see. Thanks for the chance! Twitter @josephinerose__

  • Alayne Langford said:

    HTC One M9 INK’s design is very sleek and super sexy if you ask me! I love the inspiration behind the design with Jourdan Dunn and the beautiful illustrations! Thanks for the chance! I follow @AlayneLangford :)

  • Elizabeth H said:

    I love the 20MP main camera and the 5.1 surround sound aspects. Could you imagine what it would be like to watch a movie or take a picture? It’s also a stunningly beautiful design to boot! @Elevians_Grrr

  • Sam said:

    Looks so sleek! Love the gold and silver colors – very crisp.

  • Russell Porter said:

    It gives the phone a spankin hot look. :)

  • Brenda Penton said:

    I like the tattoo on it. Really unique.

  • Deborah said:

    The eye cuz it’s like it is looking out for me.

  • Arjun Rudra said:

    Like the body-art-inspired illustration which is engraved onto the back of its two-tone metal casing.

  • Emilia said:

    It looks ancient, mystical and modern at the same time.

  • Bo Simms said:

    The artwork is so cool and unique. I really like it.


    The ink design makes this phone so unique! I love that!

  • Alex Conde said:

    I love the design, and I like how HTC is mixing incredible product design with the beauty of body art. Two growing trends brought together in one phone.

  • Jen C (@JusticeSadie) said:

    I love the designs. The features and Camera are wonderful too. Thanks for the chance. Like both on Twitter and shared (@justiceSadie)

  • michelle matta said:

    the metal casing is really sexy

  • Alex Conde said:

    The fact that it’s etched on a metal case is very cool too. It feels more impressive. Plastic designs are pretty easy, and generally a flat design. Etching on a metal case is something you can feel every time you touch the phone, which makes you appreciate that artwork all the more.

  • Oksana K said:

    I love Jourdan Dunn – despite having a baby at 19, she has managed to become a hugely successful supermodel. With drive and perseverance, anything is possible! I am a huge supporter. Therefore, I would LOVE to win this phone!! Thxx


  • Leeanne c said:

    I love the super sleek body of theHTC One M9. What I really love about this phone is the clear quality the camera offers when taking a picture also the 20 mp it offers. Someone who loves to take photos would love this phone. Clear, different and lot to offer. This would be a phone for me.

  • Cassey C said:

    I love the design as its really one of a kind!

  • Nicole said:

    WOW! That is what I said when I saw the shiny gold! The design is gorgeous and I love that the camera is in the middle!

  • Hibbat @hungryhiba said:

    Being a person from the Middle East, absolutely love the design because of what it stands for/the meaning behind it. And the fact that it’s forever engraved on the phone and I literally always have my phone with me, it would mean that I’d always be protected and carry good fortune wherever I’d go.

  • Hibbat @hungryhiba said:

    Also, being a food blogger, the 20 MP and the Zoe feature is music to my ears!

  • Cindy said:

    I love that it is metallic! Looks modern and sleek!

  • Emilia said:

    I like how HTC One M9 INK design spell bounds me into looking at it deeper and deeper, I would like to trace my fingers over the design to feel it’s vibe too

  • Alex Conde said:

    I love that the design represent protection and good luck. That’s a wonderful message to carry around with me everyday. I could always use more of those in my life.

  • Paula Ritchie said:

    The phone is stylish and sleek

  • Nattie said:

    I like that this HTC design has been inspired by body ar and the color choices are lovely!M9 The engraving on the back that resembles an eye represents strength and sincerity and the hand represents positivity. I think that’s pretty innovative and cool!

  • Alex Conde said:

    Are all HTC models with a back panel a standard size and attachment format? I’d love to keep that back panel with the engraving on future phones as well. It’s really nice.

  • Jason E Woods said:

    I love how the design reflects today’s current attraction to body art. It’s everywhere, so why not as part of the phone’s design?

  • adil said:

    The htc one had a great review, plus the great design makes it an unbelievable combination.

  • Holly Daniels said:

    My favourite part is the engraving on the back of the phone. Perfect addition to a beautifully designed phone. Thanks for the chance!

  • Stephanie L said:

    I love the body ink design!

  • Todd greencorn said:

    My favourite feature of the Htc one m9 is its durability as well as the amazing BoomSound front speakers. Amazing phone.

  • Alex said:

    It was something Jourdan said in the video that stuck with me. Having art on your possessions that is the same kind of art you would wear on your skin. I really like that concept. It brings an entirely new level to dressing for your personality.

    That, and I’ve loved everything I’ve heard about the design of the M9. Very user friendly.

  • Lynne m said:

    Wow! Love the design and that camera!

  • Melanie D said:

    I have heard such great things about HTC phones. My younger sister actually still uses her HTC which she bought around 3 or 4 year ago. Still works great! Obviously, this awesome new Jourdan Dunn phone would be superb quality. If I won, I’d be casually showing it off, everyday, in every scenario.

  • Holly Daniels said:

    I also really love the meaning of the design. A great conversation starter, as I wouldn’t be able to help showing off this amazing phone. :)

  • Christina D said:

    Body art on a phone – how cool! I like it because it is unique!

  • Richard said:

    I love the design and Jourdan Dunn!

  • Eldon L said:

    I love the design so much!

  • Emilia said:

    I love how it is engraved on the back with the engraved designed I would find it easily in my purse. The design just flows with positive energy and I would enjoy relaxing with it through site and touch.

  • Amanda Singh said:

    The design is simple and I love it!

  • Colleen C said:

    I love the design on the back. Following & RTing.

  • Kim said:

    My favourite part about HTC One M9 INK’s design is that is it creative, unique, simple, chic and stunning! I love the design and colours!

  • Christina D said:

    I love the meaning behind her body art. I’ve followed & retweeted :)

  • Amber said:

    I love the Hamsa- a beautiful symbol of protection. It is a perfect compliment for such a beautiful looking phone!
    I follow both on Twitter (@TalkingMomcents)

  • ginette4 said:

    Love the design

  • Nicole Jubleew said:

    I love the sleek lined design.

  • gene d said:

    i like the silver and the sleekness

  • debbie p said:

    I love the gold color the best and the design on the back cover is awesome.

  • theresa m said:

    What a great looking unique phone. Wow only 10 in Canada that’s great. Would love to have one..

  • christine r said:

    I like the metallic colors especially the silver one. The INK’s design on the phone is a great added feature to the phone making it unique.

  • Mary D said:

    Its cool how she transfers her artwork and sketches the design on the back of the phone.

  • Mary D said:

    Would love to win this, followed and retweeted.

  • maggie said:

    My favorite feature is the artwork on the back cover. I don’t have any tattoo’s so if I’m lucky enough to win this phone it would like having one. I have always wanted a tattoo but have been too chicken to get one.

  • Tina said:

    The design… because it is so unique, especially the eye.

  • Sophia said:

    My favourite part about the HTC One M9 INK’s design is the two-tone metal casing. Super classy!

  • Serena Debolt said:

    I really like the design and the case is metal!

  • Maggie C said:

    I really love the colour and the sleek curves!!

  • Nick Tytor said:

    This looks like a really sexy phone


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