The secret weapon every bride should have

December 4, 2018

On her wedding day, every bride wants to feel her most beautiful, and one of the biggest decisions she will need to make is about her wedding-day hair. What brides may not know though is that behind the manes of many looks hides a secret weapon that the fashion and editorial world has been using for years. Responsible for the va-va-volume, body and lush, this secret weapon is hair extensions.

The best of the best are 100% human hair extensions. They look (and feel) the most natural, can be coloured and styled as if it was your own hair, and importantly—because of the price tag—the quality is higher, so you should be able to use them many times. In fact, our preferred brand claims you can use them up to 100 times!

There are different methods of hair extensions, but the easiest to use (even if you have a professional stylist) are clip-ins. We received a number of recommendations from stylists around New York City that the most versatile option was sectioned extensions, which means getting multiple “small sections” of about 2-3 inches wide per piece, so that the look you’re after can be customized depending on your actual hair. The alternative, which we were told can often look fake, is called one-piece extensions, which essentially look like a very full strip of hair on a single band.

While we understood this logic, after weeks of research, we were drawn to a brand that made one-piece extensions, but with a twist: these extensions have three layers of hair, and pockets within the extensions that are designed to pull your natural hair through, creating a seamless, natural colour match and blend. Plus, its “anyone can do it” ease of use was a huge draw, and a major differentiator.


THM Hair Extensions was created by partners Mar Romero and Nicole Iyer who also founded TEAM Hair & Makeup, one of the most well-known bridal beauty teams in the U.S. and beyond. They are responsible for many of the glamourous runway looks during bridal fashion weeks, as well as real weddings at some of the most striking venues.


“We created these extensions because we were having a hard time finding the perfect bridal extensions that were the right amount of hair, completely natural-looking, and super easy and fast while on the job for placement,” says Iyer, “[our extensions are the] perfect foundation to full, natural-looking, flowing hair”.

THM Hair Extensions come in 13 rich colours that are 20 inches in length, have five clips along the width of each set to support multiple layers of hair, and are the most comfortable extensions to wear with no damage to your natural hair, compared to more permanent methods.


I tried two colours for my wedding day: one that was closest to the base colour and one closest to the lighter highlights, and both looked incredible. Because of the patent-pending blending pockets, both looked equally natural and offered slightly different looks. I opted for the lighter one, “Maria”, to play up the highlights, and my hairstylist couldn’t believe how easily they went in, held a curl, and blended with the natural hair—all they needed was a little trim. The real proof came when I was no longer in the hands of professional hairstylists and wanted to add a little oomph ahead of a night on the town. Even when left to my own devices, it added a mere 10 minutes to my hair routine.


When all eyes are on you, this little investment goes a long way in elevating your look. And, the options are endless whether your desired look is down and sleek, Hollywood waves, half up half down, a chic chignon or a simple up-do. All you’ll want to do is flip your hair and smile for the camera.

By Nadia MK
Photography by Nadia MK and Jose Villa

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