5 skincare essentials for a glowing complexion this fall

November 7, 2022

As most of our fellow Canadians may have noticed – summer clocked out right at the end of its shift this year. The cool, crisp fall weather hit hard mid-September and reminded us of our changing skincare needs that transition with the seasons. From oil and sweatproof beauty products needed to withstand the summer heat, we shift to heavy-duty hydrating items to infuse moisture into skin and offset the dry winter air.

Here are our favourite skincare essentials (in no particular order) to not only hydrate and nourish your skin, but bring you that summer glow over the cooler months.

1. Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser

It’s always important to get your skincare routine off to a good start with a solid cleanser. We love the Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin face and body cleanser because it feels particularly balancing for all skin types as opposed to foam or oil-based cleansers which can be particularly harsh on dry or oily skin, respectively. This cleanser has a heavenly soft scent from its soothing ingredients of lavender, chamomile oils and rose, while offering exceptional cleansing and exfoliating properties from its blend of cleansing kaolin clay and ground almonds. Not only does this cleanser leave your skin feeling baby soft (seriously, we have never felt this way after a facial cleanser) – but it is also fun to use! It comes in a playdough-like texture and formation, requiring a bit of play to use the product breaking off bits and massaging it into the hands with water to form the cleanser.

2. Teaology Golden Matcha Firming Glowing Mask

Next, for a special indulgent treat to the skin, we like to use a radiance-boosting mask. Our current favourite is the Teaology’s Golden Matcha Firming Glowing Mask – which is exactly what the name suggests. This mask has a beautiful texture infused with real tea leaves that helps the skin find its healthy balance, improves dull complexion and loss of firmness, and is the perfect alternative to clay masks, serving as a better option for dryer skin in the cooler months. The nourishing Matcha tea infusion firms and protects from cellular aging, while the turmeric ingredient (hence, golden) acts as a natural source of vitamin C to even out the complexion and help it appear lighter. Mango and Papaya enzymes, and AHA and BHA complexes, help remove dead skin cells for gentle exfoliation and refining skin tone and texture.

3. Stoic Beauty Chryso Regenerating Serum

After cleansing or rinsing off a mask, we like to quickly get in a layer of added moisture and nourishment with a serum. At nighttime, we can’t get enough of the Stoic Beauty’s Chryso Regenerating Serum – the perfect, non-abrasive alternative to renowned retinol for sensitive, dryer skin. This oil-based serum has a divine botanical scent that truly locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and glowing the next morning – so much so that this can be used on its own without a moisturizer if desired! This serum is comprises Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, ceramides to restore the skin’s natural barrier to the elements, and frankincense essential oil to reduce inflammation and promote cell regeneration. The cherry on top? It’s from a local, women-led brand in Toronto.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

The name of this heavy-duty moisturizing cream really says it all. Pure. Magic. This moisturizer instantly plumps the skin and miraculously and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores to instantly smoothing the skin’s texture. Although designed for hydration, the instantaneous results of this cream make it the perfect makeup primer for the ultimate flawless complexion. Charlotte’s Magic Cream contains the perfect blend of ingredients for youthful skin: BIONYMPH PEPTIDE, a peptide blend that helps to condition for smoother, plumper looking skin; vitamins C and E, to brighten and even the appearance of the skin tone, helping to transform the look of tired, dull-looking skin; rosehip oil to revitalize and balance the look of skin; hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours; frangipani flower extract to moisturize and add a delicious tea-like scent; and the usual skincare suspects: aloe vera and shea butter.

5. Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam Dark


Nothing, we repeat, nothing, helps complete a glowing complexion and serve as a mood booster like a glowing tan. With little daylight and certainly not bathing suit-appropriate weather in the fall and winter, Bondi Sands’ Self-Tanning Foam Dark has us covered for that faux-sun-kissed look. You can customize how dark you’d like the tan to develop from medium to ultra-dark, based on how long you leave it on. If you’re feeling super bronzed-goddess-like, opt in for a second layer! This ultra lightweight self-tanning foam is enriched with aloe vera and infused with a tropical fresh scent of coconut. The colour is a gorgeous olive-based tan that will never leave you looking orange. For a flawless, never streaky application, use the Bondi Sands mitt to apply evenly across the body.

All product photography courtesy of each brand.

Feature image by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash


Story by Amy Pigeon

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