5 Clarins must-haves for your beauty routine

August 23, 2022

It’s one of our favourite brands: Clarins is a trusted skincare authority for beauty professionals and regular beauty product-consumers alike. We have tried countless products from this iconic company over the years and are sharing with you our top 5 recent favourites below!

1. Lash and Brow Double Fix’ Mascara

This clear lash and brow mascara is the perfect seal of insurance to make your makeup look last all day. Apply to your brows after a regular pigmented pencil or powder-fill, or your lashes after mascara to lock in your makeup application for a waterproof hold. For an added bonus, this product’s formula contains Clarins’ Lash Boosting Complex, which visibly lengthens and strengthens your lashes, making them appear thicker, fuller and visibly longer after day after day use.

Retailing at $36 (8 ml).

2. Beauty Flash Balm

The Beauty Flash Balm is suited to all skin types and delivers on its namesake – instantaneous, radiant results. This powerful cream is formulated with 96% naturally sourced ingredients for a powerful radiance-boosting cocktail. Skin immediately feels toned and tightened, and appears smoother and brighter for the ultimate complexion-energizer step in your skincare routine. We love how multi-use this product can be as well – whether you use it as your regular moisturizer, a treatment or mask, or apply it to sheer out your foundation. Acerola seed extract helps energize the skin for a radiant, glowing complexion.

Retailing at $ $54 (50 ml)

3. Beauty Flash Peel

Exfoliation is a vital part of any skincare routine for every skin-type, particularly for those with dryer skin as we head into the colder months. The Beauty Flash Peel is the perfect at-home facial product to address the exfoliation and resurfacing needs for skin affected by stress, fatigue and environmental pollution. The fresh and floral scented alpha hydroxy acid-based peel works to gently resurface all levels of skin, targeting a lack of radiance, uneven skin and visible wrinkles, delivering a fresh and energizing effect.

Retailing at $55 (50 ml)

4. Super Restorative Treatment Essence

We love the Clarins Treatment Essence as a skincare primer. This lotion primes the skin allowing for higher absorption of other skincare products. With Hibiscus Flower acids and replenishing Harungana extract, this lotion visibly smooths, refines pores, softens skin and revives radiance. This lotion is suitable for all skint ypes and comes in three other formulas for various skincare concerns.

Retailing at $71 (200 ml)

5. Milky Boost Capsules

The Milky Boost Capsules are delightful, measured doses of radiance boosting, hydrating serum that immediately energizes your complexion. The capsules are formulated with magical microbeads featuring microencapsulation technology, which makes them turn colour on contact with skin, and also prevents wasteful over-usage of product. We love this product for on-the-go skincare routines and the convenience it offers to pack lighter and smaller when traveling.

Retailing at $38 (30 capsules); this product launches in Canada in September 2022


Story by Amy Pigeon

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