Profile: Eddie Della Siepe

November 1, 2011

By Hannah Yakobi

Photography by Kareen Mallon

Eddie Della Siepe is an accomplished man.

One of the stars of MuchMusic’s highest-rated show Video On Trial, he has also appeared in 20 episodes of Love Court, recorded a Comedy Now stand-up special for CTV/Comedy network, appeared at both Just For Laughs and the LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival, had two successful national stand up tours, and has even starred in several films.

Many call Della Siepe one of the brightest young comedic talents in Canada. But what most people don’t know is that he also happens to have a great fashion sense.

Eddie Della Siepe did his first stand-up act when he was only 17.

“I’m a big boutique guy,” says Della Siepe. “I like stores on Queen Street West in Toronto, like Lavish & Squalor, for example.

“I think that men have to buy things that fit well and, normally, they don’t do that. They are blinded by labels and they are lazy. But nobody looks at the label on the inside, so it’s much more important that the fit does the justice to you.”

Della Siepe likes to shop on Queen Street West in Toronto.

Della Siepe keeps up with the trends on a regular basis and often researches what is available on different websites, such as Park & Bond.

“I’m very eclectic – I don’t think I have a favourite designer,” he says. “My preference always switches.”

Often, when he is out on the street, shopping or off to a show, fans approach him and ask for an autograph or a photo.

“They often say, ‘Hey, you are the guy from MuchMusic!’ followed by, ‘You are shorter than I thought you were!'” laughs Della Siepe. “That’s, of course, because whenever I’m on Video on Trial, the filming is only done from the waist up.”

He adds that he loves working for MuchMusic, and he worked hard to become what he is today. Throughout his career, he has performed in some, as he calls it, “interesting” situations.

“In your first year, you take anything that comes your way – anything – because you are so eager!” he says. “So I performed at a table, in a corner of a costume party – it wasn’t even for Halloween. Now let me tell you, nothing spells pathetic more, than when you are on stage, not doing well, no one is looking at you, and then you look over and a Cleopatra gives you a shrug!”

But those days are behind him and today, 10 years since his career kicked off, Della Siepe is a well-recognized and well-respected performer, both on television and in the comedy circles.

One of his favourite boutiques is Lavish & Squalor.

Despite being a comedian, Della Siepe says that he is generally quiet and private. So his clothing choices are not outrageous, and he keeps them simple. Although – he does have a big closet.

“I have a big one, for sure; it’s very organized. All my dress shirts are organized by solid colour/plaid in one section, short sleeves – in the other. All my sweaters are folded. Cardigans are in one drawer, hoodies in another. All jeans are on the top shelf. And I have lots and lots of shoes. I even have a shoe wall!”

He had so many, in fact, that at one point, he had to give away some of them to charity because he was nearing 60 pairs.

But that doesn’t stop him from shopping: “I shop by myself. I’m a researcher: let’s say I find a sweater, I’d go on some websites and see what else is available, and then decide whether to buy it at the store or online.”

Interestingly, Della Siepe’s career and fashion paths will very soon intersect, as he is currently planning to go to the shopping haven, Dubai.

“I recently got an offer to perform there, so I’m organizing a tour to go there with some friends.”

We are looking forward to find out how many pairs of shoes Della Siepe will bring back.

A photoshoot with Eddie Della Siepe

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