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April 22, 2012

In the dictionary, the word “triarchy” refers to the three fundamental ways of getting things done in organizations. In the fashion world, Triarchy is a Vancouver-based denim company that was born out of a powerful bond between three siblings: Adam, Ania and Mark Taubenfligel.

“Jeans – it’s what we live our life in,” says Adam Taubenfligel, the creative director of the brand. “My brother builds motorbikes and he wears jeans in the garage. My life is very different from his, but the same pants apply to all of our lives! We like the versatility of them.”

Mark, Ania and Adam (right) Taubenfligel.

After working at an Italian factory for two years, Adam learned about denim construction, became very passionate about it, and launched his own label with his siblings upon his return to Canada.

“It just felt like a natural fit,” he says. “Everything that each of us did in our lives, we always did together anyway.”

Their company grew quickly and the secret of its success is a phenomenal material that took seven months to find: Japanese denim that is 98 per cent cotton and 2 per cent stretch, and that “hugs you in the right areas.” Adam adds that there are several core types of jeans: five for women’s body types and three for men, which come in different colours, sizes and lengths.

The best-selling item is the women’s skinny jeans. “You read all these trend reports about how the cuts and the silhouettes are changing. But it’s always the women’s skinny jeans that sell the best,” says Taubenfligel, who designed the collection.

They sold their entire first production: 2,000 pairs of jeans. More high-waisted and skinny pairs are currently being manufactured in Los Angeles, which the team says is the place for denim expertise.

The trio promises to stay “very true” to denim.

Founded only three years ago, Triarchy will start selling its famous denim south of the border this month. After expanding in the United States, they plan to take over the British and Australian markets. The trio promises to stay “very true” to denim. Unlike other jean brands, they won’t start making T-shirts or other types of clothing for the sake of making something new. If they decide to expand further, Triarchy would work on accessories first.

The Taubenfligel siblings aren’t blinded by their success: they still like to “keep it real” and bring their jeans out themselves instead of hiring sales representatives. They also personally meet with store owners and, most importantly, take it slow.

“The one thing we didn’t want to do was to bite off more than we could chew,” says Taubenfligel.

When they started Triarchy, many questioned the siblings’ decision to launch the company in Canada, because it has a smaller market than its neighbour, the United States.

But the Taubenfligels were right: it was, indeed, a smart move.

“The support in Canada was pretty impressive, a lot of boutiques got behind us,” says Taubenfligel. “Canadians like staying true to Canadians!”

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Photos: George Pimentel

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By Sarah Dion-Marquis
Photography by / courtesy of Triarchy

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