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I’ve been into photography since childhood, when my uncle gave me his Canon AE-1, which I still regularly use for shooting film. I love experimenting with old cameras and creating photos that take advantage of their quirks, like light leaks, and using expired film to get off colours. I’ve been freelancing since 2005, covering fashion, food and lifestyle – working with emerging designers, chefs and local farmers.

I’m drawn to fashion because it is beautiful, creative, crazy and fun. I’ve always been excited by the energy of New York Fashion Week, which I’ve had an amazing time shooting in the last few years. In my work, I like to play with motion, blurring and pictures that are perfectly out of focus. I also love strong lines and minimalist photos.

When I’m not taking pictures, I like to spend time exploring thrift stores, writing letters to friends on my typewriter, cooking fantastic vegetarian meals and snuggling with my two cats, India and Pico.


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