Fashion in translation: Southeast Asian street style

June 20, 2014

It’s always fascinating to see how trends are interpreted around the world and the ways culture impacts fashion. Travel 14,000 kilometres and you’re bound to see something original.

During my travels around Southeast Asia, I’ve been capturing street style in each city to give FAJO’s readers a glimpse of the sartorial choices on the other side of the world.

In metropolises like Bangkok and Hanoi, locals typically zoom around the city by motorbike (sometimes while wearing six-inch heels). And while the sidewalks aren’t as pedestrian-friendly as those in Europe and North America, street style is alive and well around parks, pagodas and shopping centres, where you’re bound to see several stylish people on the go.

Korean and Japanese design influences have permeated boutiques and large concept malls, including Siam Center and Terminal 21 in Bangkok, two shopping meccas for fashionable Thais.

With warm temperatures year round, sun protection is a priority for many Southeast Asians, who often wear lightweight layers to stay cool and modest in the heat. Not surprisingly, global trends such as pastels, stripes, floral prints and black-and-white combinations are still wildly popular in the East.

This article will continually be updated with new photos as I make my way around Southeast Asia in the coming months.

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Feature image credit: Shutterstock.

By Julia Eskins
Photography by Julia Eskins

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