Dr. Martens begins 2021 as it closed 2020—with a major design collaboration

January 21, 2021

Dr. Martens is starting off 2021 with yet another inspired collaboration, which follows on the heels of their 1460 Remastered Collection released throughout 2020. On Jan.11, the famed footwear brand released a collaboration with the iconic New York-based artist Keith Haring, launching new versions of their signature shoes that feature his striking art. This is the first time they are joining forces, but is a match made in heaven considering the rebellious heritage of Dr. Martens and Haring’s socio-political pop art.

The latest Dr.Martens x Keith Haring collaboration was released on Jan.11.

The collaboration brought forth four unique shoe designs from two of Dr. Martens’ classic styles. The 1461 shoe has been rethought with one style featuring Haring’s signature “angelic baby” design, and the second with a graphic black and white all-over print reminiscent of the artist’s murals. In addition, the 1460 boot has been created with Haring’s work in mind, embossed with graphic details, and decorated with a strip of the artist’s colourful figures along the heel. Each shoe is finished off with bright and bold charms woven into the laces. This particularly inspired collection doesn’t forget the kids either. The entire family is invited to engage in Dr. Martens and Keith Haring’s joint anti-authoritarian spirit, as the collection also features a kids’ 1460 boot. This boot is illustrated with a cartoon dog character and has a colourful lace charm of its own.

Dr. Martens has been no stranger to boundary-pushing partnerships. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of their 1460 boot in 2020, the footwear brand partnered with 12 designers, calling them to reimagine their iconic boots. Each month, Dr. Martens released collaborative designs, partnering with Yohji Yamamamoto, Marc Jacobs and Japanese streetwear brand WTAPS.

The exclusive Dr. Martens x WTAPS 1460 boot dropped in November 2020 and, much like their previous collaborations, sold out almost instantly. The Japanese streetwear brand was given full creative control of the reimagining. Their design recalls the brand’s utilitarian aesthetic, while maintaining the recognizable 1460 silhouette.

It’s no surprise that, like it’s 11 counterparts last year, the WTAPS 1460 boots sold out so quickly. It’s also no doubt that, considering Keith Haring’s prevailing popularity, this latest partnership will do the same. The footwear brand could not have crafted a better way to celebrate the anniversary of the 1460 boot, creating a guaranteed line of collectable pieces alongside WTAPS and countless other designers, and has already jumped at the opportunity to create countless more iconic designs in 2021.


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