Ice-skating through an enchanted forest

February 27, 2024

While winter still has us in its grip, our quest for outdoor escapades led us to Domaine Enchanteur, where 15 kilometers of frost-kissed forest paths promised a day of enchantment just an hour and 45 minutes away from Montreal.

Upon entering the heart of Domaine Enchanteur, we found ourselves immersed in a winter wonderland that beckoned with its crisp air and serene ambiance along the icy forest paths. Snowflakes gently descended, adding to the charm of beautiful pine forest trails.

What made this experience truly special were the well-designed and meticulously maintained trails. These paths, both stunning and meandering, provided a delightful escape from the bustling city. Despite the presence of other visitors, the cleverly designed paths led us away, creating moments of solitude and an intimate connection with the winter wilderness.

Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of our adventure was the night skating experience. It cast a spell of magic over the entire outing, and while sections of the trails are softly lit closer to the welcome centre, the majority are left in natural darkness. The moon, casting its ethereal glow, illuminated our path and added a touch of mystery to the night. It was an exhilarating experience as we glided through the silent forest.

For those eager to make the most of their visit, we offer a few tips. First and foremost, consider booking online to avoid potential lineups, ensuring a seamless entry into this winter paradise, especially on weekends when it tends to be popular. Additionally, check the website for daily updates on skating path conditions, as they may vary depending on the weather. During our visit, the paths were exceptionally well-maintained.

Skate rental availability is limited, so bringing your own skates would be ideal. And if you’re an animal lover, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the on-site animal farm. Purchase animal feed at the entrance and say hello to llamas, alpacas, goats and more.

For those seeking the enchantment of night skating, packing headlamps is a wise idea. While we managed without them, having extra illumination could come in handy, and we recommend a red light headlamp that will not blind other skaters.

If you have a four-legged companion, Domaine Enchanteur welcomes dogs, adding an extra layer of joy to your winter outing. Bringing snacks and a thermos with your favorite hot beverages is advisable to avoid waiting in line for on-site food and refreshments, although poutine and hot cocoa are tempting treats.

For those who desire a longer or more comfortable experience, know that heated cabins are available for rent for the day. Families and groups can take advantage of these cabins, providing a cozy retreat to warm up and take a break from the winter chill. This allows visitors to recharge and head back for another round of skating through this enchanted forest.

Images courtesy of Domaine Enchanteur and from Unsplash.


Story by Andra Balaci

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