Walk into 2020 with Google Pixel 4

December 17, 2019

This latest Pixel release is truly taking us into the future.

Since their official release in October, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices have been making headlines around the world due to their amazing photo capabilities. Pixel 4 phones are the first to feature a 12MP primary camera and a 16MP telephoto camera. Pixel 4 will also allow you to adjust exposure balance of different parts of the photo separately. In addition, its Astrophotography setting allows for perfect captures of the night sky, which is a great way to document trips, holidays and camping experiences!

A few other things we love about this Pixel model:

  • You can share images directly to Snapchat and Instagram from the camera app.
  • It has stereo front and bottom-firing speakers. You can watch a video in full-screen landscape mode to get the full sound experience, or pull up a song or podcast on your favourite service to hear the amazing sound quality of the stereo speakers.
  • It features a Face Unlock option that enables your phone to seamlessly recognize you. As you reach for Pixel 4, Motion Sense proactively turns on face unlock, recognizing your intent to unlock your phone. If the system recognizes you, your phone will open to the home screen as soon as you pick it up, all in one fluid motion.
  • Pixel 4 is also the first phone with Motion Sense™, letting you use gestures to get things done without having to touch the device. You can skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand above the screen.
  • With Pixel’s all-day battery, you can stay unplugged. The device learns your favourite apps and reduces power consumed by the ones you rarely use.
  • The dynamic 90 Hz display delivers the incredibly smooth graphics and user interface for things like playing games or scrolling through photos.
  • Frequent Faces function on the Pixel learns the faces you photograph the most and captures shots where those faces are in focus.
  • Pixel also comes with 3 years of OS and security updates, access to Google’s advanced security services, and the custom-built Titan M security chip to help protect your most sensitive data.

The retail price for Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL starts at $999.

Happy shopping!



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