Walk it Out: From Dusk to Dawn

April 25, 2011

Report by Holly Archer.

Humber College hosted the Walk It Out: From Dusk to Dawn fashion show recently that presented the work of three Canadian designers at the Palais Royale in Toronto.

First up was Natalie Good with her Andy Hall collection. The line was inspired by the street styles of London, and the idea of wearing clothing from day to night, said Good. In order to take her easy-to-wear pieces to the next level of comfort, she used a wool tencel blend in her fabrics.

Andy Hall embodied a classic girl-next-door look with empire waistlines, solid, dark colours, and black and white striped bias-cut shirts. All models wore matte maroon lipstick and barely any eye make-up, except for a dash of mascara on their top lashes. This look was particularly effective with the dark fabrics Good worked with.

Next up was Toronto-based Taessa Chorny, whose line had a strong personal influence.

“There was a lot of European inspiration, the need to travel,” she said. “I barely stick to solid color,” she said, adding that prints were her top pick for this collection.

Bold leopard print maxi dresses, in various styles, were cut simply. One maxi dress had a satin-finish, beige corset top and a flowy leopard-print bottom. It was something, Chorny said, that she believed would be worn while vacationing in the south of France.

Concluding the show was Todd Lynn.  Though Lynn hails from Canada, he has established his company in the UK and has designed clothing for Bono, Marilyn Manson, Keith Richards and Courtney Love.

Lynn’s collection was a retrospective – a sampling of his past five collections. It featured high-collared neutral jackets and perfectly tailored ankle-length cigarette pants in matching neutrals.

The waist-length, fox fur coats and cigarette pants combination paid homage to the rock-and-roll vibe of his designs. The shoulders and collars on the fur coats were so high, with only the eyes and forehead peeking out, that one of the models even tripped going up the stairs.

Lynn said he loved working with different textures. “I love mixing textures … working with leather and fur,” he said. “My coats are made with top of the line fur … the red coat is made of gold fawn.”

And what about his celebrity pieces? “I designed a suit for Courtney [Love], a two-piece. It was a striped [one], very androgynous,” he said. “Courtney said that when she wears my clothes, she feels like David Bowie,” he chuckled.


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