Montréal Fashion Week, fall/winter 2013 – full report

February 8, 2013

By Julia Eskins

Photography by Aleyah Solomon

Montréal Fashion Week has set the bar high for the fall/winter 2013 season. With chic and modern collections from some of Canada’s top designers, runway performances and celebrity buzz, the four-day fashion week has left a lasting global impression on many.

On the runway: one of Mélissa Nepton’s looks.

Running from Feb.4 to Feb.7, the 24th season brings together over 30 designers. As the week progresses, FAJO‘s editorial team selects some of our favourite shows – this article will be continuously updated with new reviews in the next few days!

Mélissa Nepton

Mélissa Nepton’s fall/winter 2013 collection artfully combines her signature aesthetics of structure and fluidity.

This season, she focuses on stripes, plaid and bold geometric shapes that are in neutral shades of black, white and grey. The entire collection has a cohesive sense of easy elegance.

Models took to the runway in monochromatic leggings, paired with flowing tunics and draped separates that hit the trend mark with black leather accents.

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Symbiose by Hinda A.

Inspired by 1970s pop art, Symbiose by Hinda A’s collection is all about shapely colour-blocking and vibrant hues.

An array of demure jersey dresses dominated the runway, each with a refreshing mix of plum, red, mauve, dusty rose and royal blue hues. Colourful opaque stockings complemented the head-to-toe boldness. Standout pieces included luxe silk dresses in aubergine and tailored coats perfectly suited for autumn.

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Ralph Leroy

In a runway show that combined fashion and dance, Ralph Leroy brought his signature vivacity to his fall/winter 2013 collection and marked the 5th anniversary of his line.

Tailored suits were given an energetic pop of red detailing, while sheer dresses added a touch of graceful femininity. Known for his outerwear, Leroy did not disappoint with an array of sophisticated suede coats that sported structured collars and timeless leather jackets.

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Martin Lim

Martin Lim entranced audiences with a glamourous showcase of futuristically layered frocks and plenty of fringe.

Along with sashay-worthy flapper-style pieces, Martin Lim delivered a procession of embellished ensembles in electrifying azure, modern tunics and elegantly gauzy eveningwear. The fall/winter collection was rich in vivid hues, with a colour palette of blues, reds and monochromatic shades.

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L’Autre Couture by Luko Marion

Aptly titled Urban Underground Winter, Luko Marion’s fall/winter 2013 collection is full of dramatic edginess.

Male and female models took to the runway in military-inspired leather hats, structured jackets with prominent shoulders and warrior-esque pieces in black, white and grey.

From the wool and leather body armour to fetish-inspired harnesses, the collection has some risqué elements.

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Rachel Sin

Rachel Sin’s fall/winter 2013 collection brings geek chic to a new level of hip sophistication.

Models were styled with thick-framed glasses and oxblood red lipstick, which complemented polka dot blouses, structured blazers and Rachel Sin’s signature array of smart staple frocks.

The sheer accents and high slits give demure looks a touch of sass. With wardrobe essentials in the very on-trend emerald green, as well as red, black, taupe and mint green, this is a dream line for stylish professionals about town.

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Harricana par Mariouche Gagné

Eco-fashion designer Mariouche Gagné gives recycled materials a luxurious second life in her Harricana fall/winter 2013 collection.

With sporty quilted coats, heavy fur trimmings and leggings paired with blizzard-friendly moon boots, ski explorer and native motif inspirations are clear.

The collection’s outerwear ranges from silver puffer jackets to all-fur coats in neutral shades. Cozy sweaters and fur vests allow the line to chicly transition from the ski lodge to the city.

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