LG Fashion Week – spring/summer 2012: days 3, 4 and 5

October 26, 2011

By Katia Ostapets

Photography by Kareen Mallon

Our coverage from the LG Fashion Week continues.

Here is the final part, covering days 3, 4 and 5. It follows from part 1.

Korhani Home Rug Runway Show

The Korhani rug company has always felt a strong relationship between fashion and interior design. Because of this, they have put on the Korhani Home Rug Runway Show, a runway collection made almost entirely of rugs. This season’s show was divided into three parts – the safari adventurers, 80s glam and a trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland-themed spectacle, complete with a live rabbit in Alice’s arms. Each garment was unique and, ultimately, unforgettable.

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Pink Tartan

The Pink Tartan collection by Kimberly Newport-Mimran opened to the sound of the ocean. The line consisted of several shapes that were presented in a variety of colours – a volumous shirt dress, synched at the waist with an intricate belt, a pretty, figure-hugging striped dress, as well as volumous mini-skirts. The stand out pieces included  a “Dior lipstick red” chiffon blouse-and-skirt combo, and a shift dress covered in mother of pearl buttons that clicked together as the model walked down the runway.

Trend watch

  1. Red accent pieces
  2. Classic shapes
  3. Volumous minis
  4. Pumpkin orange shades
  5. Mother-of-pearl
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Joe Fresh

Joe Mimran showed such a great variety of looks for the Joe Fresh collection that the models had to rush down the runway to show off the snow white and neon garments. Men’s pieces consisted of busy vintage print jackets, orange active wear and oversized colourful scarves. The female models wore long yellow pleated skirts, aqua and sea foam blouses, and neon orange and yellow sweatshirts made from structured wetsuit fabrics. The overall feel was fun and summery, true to the Joe Fresh aesthetic.

Trend watch

  1. Neon yellow, orange and green
  2. Modern casual wear
  3. Pleats
  4. Aqua
  5. Vintage prints for men
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The Bustle show opened with a real boat at the back of the runway, complete with dancing beach babes. The menswear collection depicted preppy Hamptons-going young men in pastel clothes. Every look consisted of pants or shorts, a casual tee and a colourful structured jacket, often with white piping. The tennis shoes that were custom made for the show were particularly memorable, in light shades like lilac.

Trend watch

  1. Pastels
  2. White piping on jackets
  3. Lilac tennis shoes
  4. Colourful jackets
  5. Mixing casual and smart
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The much anticipated VAWK show by Sunny Fong did not disappoint, with a collection that mixed the organic shapes found in nature, details borrowed form various bugs and the drama of Princess Leia. The first set of gowns was all black with intricate gold detailing, the second – very structured in gray tones, the third – romantic in muted caramels, with butterfly wing detailing at the bottom of sheer floor-length skirts.

Trend watch

  1. Extreme cut-outs on bathing suits
  2. Sheer floor-length gowns
  3. Gold accents
  4. Muted grays and caramels
  5. Structured cocktail dresses
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David Dixon

David Dixon’s show was summery, with butterfly and flower motifs. The shapes were classic 50s and 60s, in white, black and yellow. Structured and ladylike separates were mixed and matched to look like a variety of cocktail dresses. They were paired with Mary Jane wedges, oversized gold and black 80s jewelry and cord-like belts. Flower-shaped appliqués at the bottom of gowns completed the looks that came down the runway to the unusual mix of waltz and rock.

Trend watch

  1. Flower appliqués
  2. Structured separates
  3. Canary yellow
  4. Ladylike shapes
  5. 80s jewelry
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Denis Gagnon

Montreal-favourite Denis Gagnon elected to begin the show with the film Nuits Nouvelles, followed by a colourful runway collection. The line was dominated by Laura Ashley-like prints, satin pleated dresses in black and caramel, and similar tuxedo shirts. The signature print was seen on shirts, pants, jackets and pocket lining. The models smiled and coquettishly skipped down the runway in their black and white oxford shoes, while blowing kisses at the cameras without stopping. The looks were accented with belts, matching bags and Madonna-esque cone braziers. The show ended with a staged kiss between the bride and the groom, both female. After the show, Denis confessed the finale was intended to make a statement and explained his inspiration for this line came entirely from the marriage of the signature fabric and the tuxedo. “It was a very different collection for me,” he admitted.

Trend watch

  1. Vintage prints
  2. Belt accents
  3. Pleats
  4. Tuxedo shirts
  5. Caramel
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