Gala Phenicia 2012

January 23, 2013

By Ada Yakobi

Photography by Anna Smirnova

The Montréal Science Center was already buzzing with excitement and flair, as guests arrived to the soiree of last fall, The Gala Phenicia.

The Chambre de Commerce Gaie du Quebec organized an incredible evening in honour of Jean Paul Gaultier – it was an event not to be missed. The evening commenced in a grand room, where a lively band (wearing sailor stripes) serenaded the crowd with classy French jazz music.

Performers at the event.

The room was filled with the city’s finest fashionistas, dressed in crisp black suits and dresses. It was a sea of dark black chic, almost an unspoken unison of style, topped with various accessories, bow ties and just a subtle hint of colour every now and then. The guests got a chance to mingle and sip on chilled drinks, and were then asked to navigate to the main room for a five-course meal service. The attendees were amongst some of Montréal’s finest, including the city’s very own, Francisco Randez who was the face of Gaultier’s signature fragrance, Le Male.

Upon entry to the main room, guests were transported to a world of Gaultier where over a dozen of models lined up with striped shirts painted onto their bare, perfectly sculpted chests. The lighting was dim and intimate, and the attendees got a chance to quickly snap photos with the models, or even hang on to the ropes and anchors that were hanging from the ceiling.

Once everyone was directed to their seats, the dinner commenced alongside live entertainment, including live acrobatic shows, opera sonatas and a dance number by the models. Prizes were awarded to distinguished guests for longstanding creativity, where the grand prize winner was the man of honour, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Gaultier addresses guests at the VIP gala.

Unfortunately, Gaultier was unable to attend the Gala, but he joined the soiree through a virtual video and expressed his gratitude to the CCGQ and the entire LGBT community. He even drew a live mini sketch that was framed and given away at the Gala itself. Bravo!

At the gala

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