AltaRomAltaModa 2012 takes over Rome

July 27, 2012

By Amalia Bentivoglio

Photography by Stefano Strippoli

From July 7 to July 11, 2012, copious amounts of talent and sartorial genius graced the runways of AtlaRomAltaModa fashion week’s fall/winter 2012-2013 edition. This renowned event is headed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is also the head of the renowned Fendi fashion house.

AltaRomAltaModa 2012.

The event showcased couture veterans such as Sarli Couture and Renato Balestra, as well as emerging talents such as Suzanne Susceptible and Marcobologna (Marco Giugliano and Nicolò Bologna). The latter team are winners of this year’s edition of Who is On Next? – a fashion scouting project for young “Made in Italy” fashion talents, created and organized by AltaRoma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, and now in its eighth edition. Various institutions, including Accademia di Costume e di Moda, foster the talent of these young designers. Fiamma Lanzara, the president of l’Accademia, is very dedicated and involved in the development of the school’s high level of education, and works hard to ensure that its reputation of excellence and level of international recognition are maintained.

Some of the design sketches displayed at the event.

The Accademia hosted its own event during AltaRoma, called Accademia Factory – “White Tree – l’albero della creatività” (the Tree of Creativity). It strongly highlighted the work of past and present students of the school. A few of the designers who particularly stood out were Marco Martinco (Marta Maietta and Maria Schiavone) and Livia Risi.

Later that week, another event that highlighted the “Made in Italy” talents was the A.I. Fair and Gallery – The Artisans of Fashion. It was the hub of both historic and modern accessory designers who share the love of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Two accessory brands that demonstrated particular originality were Induere (Sara Valente and Marta Lapalombella) and Leda Otto (Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti). Induere uses Italian leather and transforms it into gorgeous handbags and shoes with a vintage feel.  The unique jewelry and bag collection of Leda Otto uses the original architectural blueprints of religious and cultural monuments, and recreates them as an accessory. Unique to say the least!

AltaRomAltaModa attracted some of Italy’s most creative designers.

As the week went on, other couture crowd-pleasers were Giada Curti, Jamal Taslaq, Abed Mahfouz and Tony Ward. More love followed at the Room Service event held at the Grand Hotel Marriott Flora. A gorgeous suite hosted each of the 15 designers who participated in this exclusive event to preview their fall/winter 2012-2013 collections. Arnoldo & Battois (Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois) who were finalists of the 2010 edition of Who is On Next? competition were also participating in this event. Looks of femininity, rocker chic and classic lines flowed through the designers suites, proving that all of their pieces are truly worthy of any fashionista’s dream closet.

Amongst all these collection, the styles and trends that seemed to make repeat appearances were the warm colours of the earth and cool colours of the sea, including a plethora of purple. Feather and fur accents, leather details, lace and the gorgeous draping of thousands of meters of spectacular sheer fabrics were also strongly present.

But today’s AltaRomAltaModa is much more than just trends and high-end garments. It is where Italian craftsmanship, the love for beautiful fashion and la dolce vita come together…and, quite frankly, there is no better meeting place than in the eternal city!

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