Pink Plume: a rare feather is released

March 4, 2015

As luxurious as white diamonds may be, pink diamonds are even rarer.

In 2014, Argyle Pink Diamonds celebrate their 30th anniversary by releasing 100 exclusive pendants fittingly named Pink Plumes. The pendants have been handcrafted and designed to represent the plumage of one of Australia’s rarest birds — the Gouldian finch. This bird can be found only in the Western Australian Kimberley region where 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds are produced. The four-centimetre quill is suspended from a white-gold chain, featuring six pink diamonds leading to a clasp that is also encrusted with the Argyle diamonds.

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“Every year, pink diamonds are becoming more and more difficult to mine,” says Sam Thomas, director of Paul Bram and one of Argyle Pink Diamonds’ select ateliers. The increasing rarity adds to its value and thus the investment value of the pendant itself. “They only find a handful of diamonds each year, and every year the prices go up,” says Thomas.

He mentions that the difficulty involved in cutting and handling pink diamonds by far exceeds that of white diamonds, therefore also contributing to their value and need for careful craftsmanship.

The reason why the diamonds are pink is still a mystery; researchers have tested many theories but still not found the answer.

With their ever-increasing rarity, high demand and beauty, Argyle diamonds are surely the most romantic of all, inviting those who wear them to take part in an exclusive tale.


By Moira Cotnoir
Photography by / courtesy of Argyle Pink Diamonds

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