8 tips to pick your wedding flowers

August 1, 2017

You slowly pick up the gathered flowers from the table. The soft ribbon caresses your hand as you turn the bouquet to make sure it faces the right direction. A slight flowery aroma stirs up as someone walks by—not a strong one, but just enough to make you smile. The uniformity of roses is one solid colour, broken by a few sprigs of baby’s breath. The green leaves frame the perfectly round bouquet, encasing the vibrant red against the white of your dress.

Pink gerberas. Orange roses. Red carnations. White calla lilies. Yellow sunflowers and daffodils. With so many sizes, styles and colours, getting just the right touch can tie together the wedding party, the tables or even the backdrop of your ceremony.


FAJO continues its wedding series, as we explore our top 8 tips to help you select flowers for your big day. Don’t forget to check our other articles on this topic, that cover latest bridal fashion trends, tips on how to pick your dress, and advice on how to pick your bridesmaids (and their dresses).


1. Think of the colours. Gone are the days when everything matched in a wedding. Today, brides searching for bouquet inspiration on sites like Pinterest will find a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Bouquets can be one colour, and match the table centerpieces, or they can complement it. For my own wedding, I did something a little different: pure white on the tables, but a mix of soft pinks, greens and creams in my bouquet. Make sure you trust your gut instinct with what looks right.

2. Decide early. Flower arrangements, bouquets in particular, can take weeks to order. This can be due to the time of year, demand, flowers available, and so on. Plan accordingly, especially if you are getting married during the high season.


3. Research your florists. Facebook and other social media are a great resource when you’re selecting a florist. You want someone who is organized, and who can explain the different types of flowers and options clearly. It’s also good to hear reviews from other people who have used the business before you.

4. A style for every bride. The shape of your bouquet may not be something that is on your mind, but it could make a big difference in your pictures. The bride’s bouquet can cascade like a waterfall, be wild and unkempt with a loose twine holding the blooms together, or remain small and perfectly circular. Don’t stress over this; see what style speaks to you. You can even bring a picture of your wedding dress so you can compare the bouquets and get a feel for the pictures of your big day.


5. Backdrops, tables and boutonnieres, oh my! Debating whether you are even going to have flowers at your wedding is another big question. From wedding backdrops for your ceremony and reception, to matching boutonnieres for the groomsmen, to picking the perfect style of bouquet, think about your theme before you take the leap. What matches your whole vision? What do you really need? What do you really want?

6. Real or fake—no judgment here. Silk flowers. Paper flowers. Broaches. Even Lego. A bride’s bouquet can be anything she chooses! The bouquet, boutonnieres and even centrepieces no longer follow a standard rule, allowing brides and grooms to make their wedding very personal. Have fun with it!


7. Budget and research. We have said it before and we will say it again—weddings are just a single day (at least most of the time). Yes. They are special. But you don’t need to break the bank. See if you can make your floral arrangements yourself (without spending too much time), negotiate a reduced fee due to the time of year or pick up the flowers yourself. It’s okay to get a few quotes—$100 here and there will add up quickly.

8. Table setting and size. When looking at table centrepieces, keep in mind the size of your table. Is it round or rectangle? Is it a table of 8 or 12? You don’t want something to overtake the guests or the table itself. This can also help with the overall vibe of your wedding. Is it extravagant? Or homey? You can decide and set the tone with  your selection.

Katherine Ellis got married in April 2017.

By Katherine Ellis
Photography by Artem Tymoshenko, Senia Effe, Prarinya, Ekaterina Pokrovskaya and Myronovych (all from Shutterstock.com)


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