Scott Moir collaborates with Club House for #MyHomeisCanada campaign

January 22, 2021

Earlier this year, Club House, under McCormick Canada, teamed up with one of Canada’s most decorated Olympians—Scott Moir—to unite Canadians and celebrate what it means to be a Canadian.

The focus of the campaign is to call on Canadians to share photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that depict what being Canadian means to them. The images will be subsequently featured in a My Home Is Canada art installation. Toronto residents will be able to view the outdoor light show at Evergreen Brick Works. Dates and times of the light show will be announced soon. The images will also culminate in a light show on and with a goal to unify Canadians from coast-to-coast, and spread happiness and optimism nationwide. The extended campaign closes this weekend.

Moir spoke with FAJO about this collaboration earlier today. All images were also provided courtesy of Moir.

One of Scott Moir’s personal photos for #MyHomeisCanada campaign.

Q&A with Scott Moir about #MyHomeisCanada

1) Why did you decide to collaborate with Club House? And why now?

Club House has been based in London, ON, near my hometown of Ilderton, for over 135 years, and French’s Ketchup (made with one hundred per cent Canadian-grown tomatoes) is blended and bottled in London. They’re trusted homegrown brands that I grew up supporting and they embody true Canadian spirit. It has been exciting to partner with [them] on My Home is Canada to unify people and celebrate the best of Canada. Being a part of this amazing initiative allows me to connect with Canadians far and wide, many of whom supported and cheered me on during my skating career.

2) How important do you think image-driven stories are now, during the pandemic? What kind of messaging can they relay?

In this new year, we want to spread happiness and optimism, and to remind Canadians of the beauty in their everyday moments. We felt that imagery was a powerful and personal way to do so during a time when we can’t physically be together.

The My Home is Canada campaign is intended to shine a light in the dark of winter. Through the initiative we’re encouraging all Canadians to share images of what Canada means to them using the hashtag #MyHomeIsCanada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be a part of this cultural moment.

The … goal [is] to unify Canadians from coast-to-coast, and spread happiness and optimism nationwide.

3) What is your personal favourite part of this campaign?

Canada has so much greatness to offer and seeing the photos that have come through so far has been such a nice way to engage with Canadians, and celebrate our amazing country and its diversity. Club House, French’s and Billy Bee are strongly rooted in the Canadian community and it’s been incredible to see the groundswell of support and love for all things local.

Even with everything going on, there’s one thing we know: we all need to stay positive. While we can’t physically be together or visit other parts of this beautiful country, it is an opportunity to reflect on what makes it so special: the people, memorable meals, sporting events, the beloved towns, and more.

4) What does “being Canadian” mean to you, personally?

I am extremely proud to be Canadian and thankful for all the support I have received during my career and in my retirement. Having lived, trained and performed across the country, I have been fortunate to see so many great places, traditions and people nationwide. It’s wonderful to be part of something that brings Canadians together, creates levity, and celebrates national pride.


Story by Hannah Yakobi

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  • Helwah Yousman said:

    Nice initiative, but I thought this campaign was to unify Canadians and bring them together. Like I’m confused, shouldn’t it be worded as he being 1/2 of Canada’s Most decorated Olympian’s. I’m really confused, I understand his former partner is not part of this campaign but at least word it correctly. No need to include her name but as far as I know he was 1/2 of a team.

  • Lorna Gerard said:

    Wait, wasn’t he one half of Canada’s Ice Dance sweethearts He didn’t get there alone. Fine, I understand they are retired now but at least say he is “One Half” of a team.

  • Deanna Crawford - Holmes said:

    Great initiative about the power of unity and being Canadian. Though, I’m surprised at how they made him a lone skater. Will you get in trouble by using his partner Tessa Virtue’s name in this article. I mean unless it’s against the law.


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