Issue 10

The Green Issue

On the cover this month is Robin Kay. Photography by Robin Gartner. Graphic design by Kalynn Friesen.

Letter from the Editor

They came, they saw, they conquered.

That’s one way to describe three individuals featured in our Exclusives section this month – Robin Kay is a Canadian fashion leader who founded Toronto Fashion Week, Vince Camuto is one of the world’s most renowned footwear designers and Heather Reier is the epitome of Canadian success gone global, with her company Cake Beauty making headlines at home and in the U.S.

The Green Issue is also all about sustainability, be it in the form of environmentally friendly beauty products, natural fashion fabrics or ways to decrease a company’s carbon footprint.

In this era of change, fashion and beauty industries have joined their efforts to meet the challenges of climate change, by making a difference through their craft. This month, we profile just a handful of examples in how they do this.

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