FAJO partners with Elizabeth Arden for a Red Carpet giveaway!

September 6, 2013

Just in time for TIFF, we have a one-of-a-kind contest for our readers.

FAJO has partnered with Elizabeth Arden to give one of our lucky readers the following glamorous items:

1. Beautiful Color Lipstick – Red Door Red shade

Ultra-conditioning and hydrating, new Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick defines lips with rich, silky pigment in just one stroke. It’s like a treat for your lips with luxurious wear, and sumptuously soft comfort—lips immediately feeling moisturized and smooth. Infused with moisture-enriched pigments that are clinically proven to keep lips moisturized all day, this beauty gem provides exceptional colour payoff that lasts for 12 hours without feathering or fading.

The lipsticks are embossed with the Red Door logo emblem and housed in a sleek gold tube with the signature Red Door design.


Beautiful Color Lipstick – Red Door Red shade.

2. Prevage Lash Enhancing Serum

PREVAGE® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum supports and enhances the look of lashes and brows at all three stages of their life cycle, and provides key ingredients and conditioners to help maintain healthy-looking lashes and brows. The serum also helps shield upper & lower lashes and brows from future environmental assaults.

Developed in partnership with the world-renowned Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute, Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum is clinically proven and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. The safe and easy-to-use formula is fragrance and colourant-free, and suitable for contact lens wearers.

Prevage Lash Enhancing Serum.

Prevage Lash Enhancing Serum.

3. Beautiful Color Mascara

Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara is a multi-dimensional mascara that immediately volumizes, lengthens and curls lashes, while enhancing long-term lash health with continued use. Powered by a potent complex of peptides, this clump-free, flake-free formula protects the lashes, so they appear visibly longer. See 3x lash volume in just 15 days.

Beautiful Color Mascara.

Beautiful Color Mascara.

4. Red Door Aura fragrance

Red Door Aura is a sensual, yet bright, floral fragrance that evokes the cheerful romance of a bouquet, while holding onto the fresh smooth tones of wood. The dazzling floral bouquet opens with a sparkling introduction of Luscious Raspberry and Sicilian Bergamot. The heart maintains the timeless signature of Red Door, but is made more youthful and airy using luminous accents of Orange Flower and the ethereal quality of Jasmine.


Red Door Aura fragrance.

The full package is valued at $250!

All you have to do to enter is comment on this page, with an answer to the following question:

“Who do you think is consistently the most stylishly dressed celebrity on the Red Carpet – and why?”

If you would like to enter the contest several times, you can also 1) Follow FAJO and Elizabeth Arden on Twitter for an extra entry and 2) Like FAJO and Elizabeth Arden on Facebook for another extra entry.

This contest is open to our readers across Canada. It closes on Friday, September 20, at 6 p.m. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!



  • Minka Singh said:

    Jennifer Anniston – whether it’s a cocktail dress or an elborate gown she carries everything off effortlessly with grace. Love her looks!

  • Megan said:

    Emma Stone: she’s a bit of a risk taker, but always looks elegant and fashionable. And her hair is usually pretty amazing.

  • Sasha Exeter said:

    So many stylish celebs on the red carpet but if I had to choose just one it would be Anne Hathaway right now. Always takes a chance and continues to step it up each award season – although I may personally not be a huge fan of her body of work!

  • JJ Cowan said:

    Diane Kruger is effortless with her style choices on the red carpet and has yet to be placed on a “worst dressed” list. She encapsulates old Hollywood glamor with a modern edge and is breathtaking every time she walks the red carpet.

  • Joy said:

    Julia Roberts – she is always beautiful when she smiles :)

  • Denise Berube said:

    Angelina Jolie, she always looks fabulous and carries herself well in all outfits she adorns.

  • blessedta said:

    Angelina Jolie looks elegant and classy each time.

  • Becca Lemire said:

    Ummm.. I’m going to say Taylor Swift! Given her young age she could be dressing all over the place, like certain twerkers right now. But she always looks classy, glamorous and beautiful.

  • Marla said:

    Olivia wilde. Every outfit on the redcarpet was weel put together from the make up, to the accessories to her shoes! Pur Glamour

  • Jennifer Mack said:

    Kerry Washington – Her style is fashion-forward but also classic, elegant and always appropriate for the occasion. She isn’t afraid to wear different colours and styles; always keeps it interesting!

  • Catherine said:

    Such an exciting contest – I love the Red Carpet theme!!

    I think the most stylish celebrity is Penelope Cruz. She always wears stunning gowns and pairs them with beautiful jewellery.

  • Ilana said:

    I am a huge fan of Jessica Alba – she is so pretty and elegant. Timeless style…

  • Layla said:

    I love Frida Pinto – she is so sexy and glam all at the same time.

    Fingers crossed I win this contest – loving the look of these products :) :)

  • Julie said:

    Keira Knightley! Fabulously classic. She looks amazing in floor length gowns.

  • Septembre said:

    Hmm. Tough question. Roonie Mara is a newbie who has really been stunningly consistent on the red carpet. She really evokes the combination of elegant, delicate and hauntingly beautiful every time she hits the red carpet.

  • Michelle said:

    I belive the best eell dressed actress is kim kardasian i think she has great taste and a different style

  • KittyPride said:

    Sandra Bullock, she is flawless!

  • Andrea B. said:

    I would have to say Nicole Kidman. She always looks fab.

  • Sara said:

    I think it would have to be Rachel Bilson – she is a stunner.

  • Catherine K (@cathyincanada) said:

    Sandra Bullock – always classic, tasteful outfits for the red carpets.

  • Bons said:

    My vote goes to Nicole Kidman. She’s always in her very best, absolutely stunning at every event she attends.

  • Megan Barnecutt said:

    Blake Lively either has amazing personal taste or the world’s best fashion stylist! It seems as if there is nothing that starlet can’t pull off!

  • Megan Barnecutt said:

    PS: Following and liking! #fashionista

  • Harjit said:

    I love how Sandra Bullock can pull off any look, from chic, to ultra glam to trendy. She always looks poised, confident and radiates. Thanks for the chance to win great prizes, twitter fan@plumerea

  • Emilia said:

    Sandra Bullock is always consistently well dressed on the Red Carpet. I look forward to her every chance I get on a red carpet event

  • Kiley said:

    I vote for Kate Winslet. She is stylish, sexy and gorgeous. Love the silk dresses on her.

  • Emma Bartlett said:

    Jennifer Anniston has my vote, never have seen her in anything less then classy and stylish dresses

  • Emma Bartlett said:

    follow both on twitter @Emmaleewalpole

  • Stacey said:

    Rachel McAdams. I love her looks with all the different hair colours she chooses to complement them.

  • Lina said:

    I love Madonna. She is not the typical Red Carpet choice, I know…. But she never seizes to surprize me with her crazy fashion choices!!

  • Nelly said:

    Can I pick a man? Jude Law. Love his suits :)

  • Amanda Hauser said:

    Definitely Angelina Jolie. No woman rocks the red carpet more than her.

  • belinda mcnabb said:

    I always love the way Sandra Bullock dresses for the red carpet. She always ends up wearing something breathtaking, trendy and classy. It always looks perfect on her.

  • Joanne Fournier said:

    I love Canadian talent; my favourite starlet is Emily Hampshire. She is funky, cool and creative. And I loved her look at TIFF this year.

  • belinda mcnabb said:

    Not sure if I should be posting here but I have also like you both on twitter as prariebelle and both on facebook as belinda mcnabb

  • Alison Fournier said:

    I love the way that mascara looks!!!!

    My favourite actress on the red carpet is Rooney Mara. She has a great gothic class and always wears very risque pieces!!

  • amelie clement said:

    Oh la la! Fingers & toes crossed!

  • amelie clement said:

    oops…my name didn’t show up. But Nicole Richie is one of my fave! Good luck everyone!

  • A. Sheikh said:

    I’d have to say Scarlett Johannson – Not only does she manage to look flawless each time she appears on the red carpet, I also love the confidence, image and message she conveys through her style, each time she is standing there. And though in the past she has had her fair share of fashion faux pases, I think Scarlett Johannson is one of the few actresses any woman can relate to in terms of body image, hairstyles and natural beauty, and that is what makes her style so much more amazing, because it’s ‘real’!. No matter what she wears, Scarlett Johannson is rarely over the top, she fully understands and represents the concept of ‘beauty lies in ones simplicity” and yet her style is absolutely glamorous!

  • Arjun Rudra said:

    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • Breanne said:

    It may be an unconventional choice, but no one else dresses like Helena Bonham Carter. She’s original, that’s for sure, and I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing.

  • Kelly De Fogain said:

    I will have to say Kerry Washington! She amazes me all the time. She really keeps it very simple, elegant and classy. She knows how to find the middle ground in what she wears. Not too simple and not too much of anything else. I really do believe that she has pushed a lot of women to follow a lady-like fashion trend! Go Kerry!

  • Leanne Ogilvy said:

    Taylor Swift is so feminine and fabulous. She rocks the red carpet.

  • Eileen said:

    Charlize Theron always looks great on the red carpet

  • Eileen said:

    Followed both on Twitter @eleenie

  • Eileen said:

    Liked both on FB

  • Celine Gomez said:

    Eva Longoria. She carries herself so well and her style choices are impeccable!

  • Ana said:

    I can’t really tell. There is no one that always hits all the notes consistently – and that’s a good thing – that would be boring. Some choose “safe” elegant styles, but I prefer those with occasional fiascos and faux pas – it gives us reasons to talk :)
    So, I will go with Bjork!

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