Lamania: a piece of Europe in Toronto

March 13, 2014

Nestled in a fast-paced and trendy midtown neighbourhood, Lamania Boutique opened its doors in November 2013.

Its owner Anna Jackowska is a true globe-trotter, having lived in various countries, including United Kingdom and Poland, before settling down in Canada. Looking to bring a slice of European chic across the continent, she decided to add her own touch to the Toronto retail market.

Anna got extra creative when it came to choosing the name for her boutique.

“I was searching for a very unique name that is easy to remember and very feminine,” she says. “The word ‘Lamania’ also includes my Polish name Ania, so I’m very connected to it. And, of course, it sounds like a mania for shopping, which is something every woman loves!”

The core concept of Lamania is elegance. Clothes are easy to identify and navigate through here. The entire décor is reminiscent of a boutique in Paris or Milan. While shopping, women can also take a break and watch some of the runway shows that are played on the large flat-screen wall-mounted TV, or browse through fashion magazines on the coffee table for style and trend inspirations.

“It’s a very shopping friendly environment,” says the bubbly owner.

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Lamania’s main focus is womenswear and accessories. The target clientele are women in the 25 to 45 age group. Most are business professionals but there are some university students as well.

“My typical client is a well-educated woman, who is very open-minded, looking for new inspirations. She reads fashion magazines and is up-to-date with new trends in culture,” explains Anna.

Clothing items at the store range from casual options to more dressy styles for special occasions. Anna stocks up on boutique lines from England, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. There are several shoe designs, as well as silver jewelry. The price range for accessories is $30 to $80, while clothes are $65 to $300.

“Most of them are unique brands that I discovered while living in England,” explains Anna. “In the near future, I would also like to bring some of the Montréal brands to Toronto and expand my store into an online boutique.”

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