February 27, 2012


Daniel Emond and Lindsey Dignan, the owners of a full-service home staging and interior decorating company called DesignSquareD2, are the perfect design team.

Dignan’s interior design education at Sheridan College and analytical nature greatly complement Emond’s experience at furniture retailers and his artistic personality. The name, DesignSquareD2, represents this creative symbiosis.

Lindsey Dignan (left) and Daniel Emond of DesignSquareD2.

“Both of us bring different creative facets to make a dynamic company,” explains Dignan.

From their first client who simply wanted a colour consultation, to the large daycare centre they are currently redesigning, the duo has come a long way in just one year.

Both have always been drawn to design, frequently redecorating their rooms when they were young. Now, their company offers a variety of interior design services for both residential and commercial interiors, including home staging, colour consultation, space planning and accessorizing (personal shopping).

An example of the work by the DesignSquareD2 team.

The fees range from $60 to $130 for a consultation depending on the service and an hourly rate for the set up.

The duo always focuses on their vision of “You in the comfort of your home”, helping every client create an oasis in their house.

The duo help every client create an oasis in their home.

“People sometimes ask: why do you offer two designers for the price of one? We tell them it’s because we work as a pair, bounce ideas off of each other and so they get more value for their money.

“I am the talkative hyper one, and Lindsey is the Zen part of the team who makes sure everything runs smoothly,” says Emond.

What makes this dynamic duo special is their complete dedication to their clients.

“To figure out their true style and work with something as personal as their home, you need to really build a relationship with a client and truly understand their needs,” explains Dignan.

They have many loyal clients, who return for multiple projects or refer their friends to the DesignSquareD2 team.

“Seeing a client’s happy face makes it all worth it!” says Dignan.

For more about DesignSquareD2, visit their website and blog.


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  • Jerome Boucher said:


    I’m so proud of you!

  • Maggie Ryan MacRae said:

    Great article Lindsay. You’ve done amazing, congratulations, Maggie


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