Summer Allergies: 3 Tips To Calm Your Symptoms

July 13, 2021

Summer brings hot weather and is a chance to explore all the lovely outdoor areas around us. The only downside is that it also brings a higher pollen count, which sets off a lot of seasonal allergies. Typical symptoms? Blocked or runny nose, itchy eyes and throat, and rash on your body. 

This can get frustrating: going outside becomes a chore and you feel your best when locked inside, with the windows closed. Thankfully, there are ways to help calm your symptoms and reduce your allergies in the summer. 

Take antihistamines 

Some people can make it through summer without any allergy medication, but others suffer so badly that they absolutely need some relief. Antihistamines are the product of choice, and you can get them from pretty much anywhere. They’re available on sites like Amazon, or you could get a prescription from an online pharmacy. The choice is yours. Typically, you take one tablet a day and it gradually builds up your resistance to the allergens that are affecting you. 

Rub something around your nostrils

Most of your symptoms stem from breathing in pollen via your nose. This is what causes a lot of sneezing fits or constant sniffles. A clever way to combat this is to rub something around your nostrils that traps the pollen and prevents it from entering your sinuses. The “something” in question can be anything from a rub specifically designed to prevent hayfever, to standard Vaseline. Get into the habit of applying this every morning, maybe before or after having breakfast, so you are ready to seize the day. 

Wear a mask

Similarly, another solution is to wear a mask while you’re out and about. If the past year has taught you anything, it’s that masks act as a filtration barrier to prevent certain things in the air from entering your body. Many people around the world have been wearing masks during the allergy season for years. Much like you wear one to help protect yourself from viruses, your mask can trap pollen and stop it from entering your nose and mouth. 


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