Maintaining your style throughout summer

April 29, 2021

Dressing for summer always seems easy. After all, it’s a season that can’t come soon enough, the one we look forward to the most, and the perfect time to adjust our wardrobes! However, while the quality of clothes is important, so is ensuring your clothes serve as a mood-booster and are good for the self-esteem. And, above all, comfort is key! Check out some of our tips below that are easy to implement and budget friendly. 

Loose Clothes All the Way

Focus on wearing loose items. It’s time to abandon skin-tight jeans and tight, long-sleeved items. Make sure you’re investing in clothes that are roomy, loose and don’t cling to your legs or look like they’ve been painted on. These are the most “breathable” pieces that will ensure comfort and versatility. You also don’t need to sacrifice style in the process. Oversized clothing is very “in” this summer.

Overlayers Need to Be Light

Too many of us make the mistake of  popping on a trench coat or heavy leather jackets just because they match our regular style. You’ll want to get a jacket that is light in both its weight and material. Jean and leather jackets tend to be “out” during summer, but you could probably still wear them if they’re cropped. Click here for a good assortment of jackets that could be your go-to items. 

You can also invest in overlays that are mesh; these will act as filters for hot air after a long day in the sun. If you have a weaved item and wear it over the tank top, you’ll be protected from the sun but still allowing the air in, which will ensure you stay cool and comfortable even in very hot weather.

Cotton Undergarments are Key

Cotton is the most breathable material, and that’s the main reason it’s recommended as the number one fabric you should be wearing during the hottest time of the year. This goes for undergarments but also dresses, shorts and skirts.

Keep Your Accessories Low-Key

Let’s move onto the customization aspect of your outfit. If you’re a fan of accessories, opt for cloth or leather bracelets and bangles, and lighter chain necklaces. If typically love hats and scarves, make sure they’re made of light materials, and any hats you pick are wide-brimmed. All hats should also sit right and light on your head, and provide a good amount of shade around your face. This is important for sun protection.

Sun Protection Should Be Your Priority 

Speaking of which, protecting yourself from the sun should always be top of your list, especially during summer. From simple burns to potential chronic disorders, too much UV can dramatically change the health of your skin, and that’s what you need to focus on the most. 

So, What’s Your Summer Wardrobe Going to Look Like? 

Your style in the summer doesn’t have to change completely: you’ve just got to tweak it a bit and make sure you’re looking good, feeling good and keeping the worst of the sun’s rays away. Experiment, enjoy and have fun!


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