NoMo SoHo: where art and fashion live

July 27, 2017

Step into NoMo SoHo and you have arrived in the centre of art and fashion. For anyone whose life revolves around style, trends and creativity: this is the place to be.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this property. Nestled in the heart of SoHo, but comfortably tucked away on its quieter Crosby street, NoMo immediately stands out due to a stunning garden that serves as the walkway to the hotel’s entrance.



As you pass through it, you will see the property’s restaurant and patio filled with guests: chatting, taking selfies and making toasts. The glamorous NoMo Kitchen restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with an American twist, highlighting locally sourced seasonal ingredients, with an onsite bar and lounge. The restaurant also boasts an innovative seasonal cocktail program by acclaimed expert Xavier Herit.




As you enter the lobby, you will note a soothing scent that is pumped in moderation everywhere on the property: Green Tea Lemongrass by Air Esscentials. It provides a calming effect that will make you feel at ease whenever you are on-site.

Adorned with countless mirrors in each room, as well as in the common areas, the hotel is home to many striking sculptures, paintings, installations and photos.


You will find pictures of Andy Warhol here, as well as a variety of colourful sculptures. For example, in January 2017, NoMo acquired two fiberglass and stainless-steel pieces from Ukrainian artist Lina Condes: “Bagel” and “Emoji #2.” The structures sit approximately three-feet wide and seven-feet tall, and are now presented in the hotel’s lobby and restaurant.

In the same month, NoMo also acquired Robert Indiana’s monumental contemporary sculpture “SEVEN,” which can now be found right at the entrance of the hotel. A signature piece from Indiana’s larger series “NUMBERS ONE through ZERO,” the steel sculpture weighs approximately 3,000 pounds and stands eight-feet tall.



Designed by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz in 2015, NoMo SoHo is a very new property. The inspiration for the chic interior was drawn from Jean Coucteau’s 19940s film La Belle et la Bête. As such, this vibrant hotel maintains the cast-iron and cobblestone authenticity of SoHo, while celebrating the fashion and culture of the modern age.

This is the neighbourhood for some of the best boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and specialty stores, not just in United States but in the world. And, it’s the place where creative people get inspired: a typical example sits directly across the street at 10 Crosby, where many years ago renowned designer Derek Lam had originally set up his headquarters.


“NoMo means Nostalgic & Modern,” tells me property’s Creative Director Tariq Abdus-Sabur.

“It is the intersection of nostalgic and modern: an idea that pays homage to the rich character of SoHo’s past, while fusing the modern culture of SoHo’s present.”


Of course, no stay is complete without comfortable accommodation, and NoMo SoHo’s bright and spacious options are bound to make a solid impression on you. Hotel’s rooms are strikingly snow-white, punctuated with deep shades of royal blue.

Massive windows wrap around the building for truly unforgettable views of the city (you will even have a large window in your bathroom). NoMo’s power partly lies in the fact that it’s the tallest building in the neighbourhood.




In the concrete jungle of any large city, let alone a massive one like the Big Apple, it’s impossible to get an unobstructed view like the one you will have here.

Bring your camera and enjoy it—whether on a sunny day or a calm evening when city’s lights dance in front of you, NoMo SoHo is unmistakably unique for making perfect memories.



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By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Hannah Yakobi and courtesy of NoMo SoHo

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