London Fashion Week: Cristina Sabaiduc

October 7, 2011

By Cristina Boydell

Photography by Christopher Dadey and Lynsie Roberts (provided courtesy of designer)

Cristina Sabaiduc's collection was one of the highlights at the London Fashion Week this season.

I was thrilled to get an invite to fellow Canadian designer Cristina Sabaiduc’s spring/summer 2012 collection, which debuted at the Hospital Club, just off of Covent Garden, during London Fashion Week.

The pretty floral invitations perfectly reflected the prints that were later presented on the catwalk.

The final touches.

With pieces of fabric on display on the main white wall, just like pieces of art in a gallery, the event featured a square runway, benches to sit on in the centre and standing areas around the outer edges.

Upon entering the venue, it was obvious that this will not be a conventional show. Sabaiduc experimented with unusual materials and global textile traditions. She is well-known to constantly push creative boundaries, merging fashion and art in all aspects of her work.

Since receiving the Lancôme Scholarship of Excellence in Women’s Luxury Design after her graduation show, she has worked with many designers. The influences of some of these, including Carolina Herrera and Jeremy Laing, can be seen in her beautiful contemporary and cutting-edge designs, which fit well in a modern woman’s wardrobe.

Sabaiduc’s spring/summer 2012 London collection had a Far East flavour, with artistic cultural progressions of Tibet and Ancient China.

These were combined with an organic colour palette, such as vibrant orange and peach, dark gray, green and burgundy, as well as earthy neutrals inspired from our natural environment.

Key pieces included romantic silk print cocktail dresses, flowing feminine skirts and jersey print bodysuits. Digital prints with texture and patterns were also featured.

Cristina Sabaiduc.

The presentation was truly unique, showing how shapes and forms in the collection were created, and how each piece was transformed to suit the wearer’s needs.

The designer even took part in her own show: Sabaiduc stood by the centre wall along with a dressing assistant. They both pulled the pieces of fabric that were mounted on the wall and turned them into fitted garments on models.

After fabrics were fitted, the models would walk the rest of the runway to show off the completed look.

This was unlike any other fashion show I’ve ever seen, and certainly not what I expected; it was experimental and refreshing.

You could tell the audience felt the same way, as there was a sense of excitement amongst the crowd to see designs being tailored and coming to life right in front of their eyes.

Sabaiduc is a true artist and it was a pleasure to see the beauty and meaning she created with her customized women’s spring/summer 2012 collection.

Runway photos

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