One of a Kind Show 2023: a celebration of Canadian creativity and craftsmanship

November 29, 2023

Since 1975, the One of a Kind Show has been a landmark event for artisans and craft enthusiasts. The 2023 edition, running until December 3 at Toronto’s Enercare Centre, continues to uphold this legacy. This year’s show is a vibrant showcase of Canadian talent, with over 650 vendors presenting their unique crafts. From art and apparel to food and furniture, the event offers an array of handcrafted treasures that reflect the diverse and rich culture of Canada.

Who should visit and why

The One of a Kind Show is a must-visit for anyone who is:

  • A Gift Seeker: With the holiday season around the corner, the show is the perfect place to find unique, handmade gifts that carry the warmth and personal touch of their creators. From curated character clay modelling kits to other incredible niche finds, there’s something interesting for every gifting occasion here.
  • A Supporter of Local Talent: The show is an excellent opportunity to support local artisans and small businesses, making a direct contribution to the creative economy.
  • A Creative Minds: Artists, designers and anyone seeking inspiration will find the show a haven of creativity and innovation. It’s hard to leave this event without feeling inspired.
  • A Holiday Enthusiast: For those looking to get into the festive spirit, the show offers a joyful and vibrant atmosphere, ideal for immersing oneself in the festive cheer.

Favourite exhibitors

Among the many talented exhibitors, several stand out for their unique offerings and creative flair:

  • Courage Cookies: Offering delicious cookies with a cause, Courage Cookies donates 5% of each sale to local and global community projects. Cookies are popular at this time of the year, so why not do good for the world with your purchase?
  • Candle Lume: Known for their novel and quirky candle designs, Candle Lume offers a range of candles that are as whimsical as they are weird, adding a playful touch to any space.
  • Tobias Luttmer Sculpture: Luttmer’s sculptures are a blend of dark whimsy and elegance. We particularly loved his skull mugs with gold accents, appealing to fans who love the creative styles of Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro.
  • Reiners Originals: Their adorable leather animal-shaped ottomans are a quirky yet classy addition to any room, whether it’s a nursery or an adult’s haven.
  • Dream Power Costumes: From children’s items to festive adult headbands and fascinators, their booth is a trove of delightful accessories perfect for the holiday season.
  • Peninsula Terrariums: Offering a serene slice of aquatic life, these terrariums are ideal for those looking to bring a piece of nature into their urban spaces.
  • Richard Ahnert: Ahnert’s anthropomorphic paintings and prints are a blend of whimsy and profound kinship between human and animal, striking a unique chord with art lovers. These pieces are extremely unique and precious.
  • L’éclisse: Their one-of-a-kind vases combine wood and glass in an organic, elegant fashion, making for stunning home décor pieces.

The One of a Kind Show 2023 is not just an event: it’s a celebration of the human spirit, creativity and the unyielding passion of Canadian artisans. It is a space where each piece tells a story, and every visitor leaves with a bit of that story in their hearts and/or shopping bags. Whether you’re there to shop, to be inspired, or simply to bask in the creative energy, the event promises an experience that is, indeed … one of a kind.

Photos courtesy of One of A Kind show.


Story by Amy Pigeon

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